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November 27, 2015

Motivation Booster - Sunil Kumar Sahu

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Hi friends those who have cleared IBPS PO V, all the very best.

If you are appearing for next time then all the very best too and welcome to the land of bankers.

I have cleared IBPS PO IV and got placed in Canar Bank. To be very frank friends this job is awesome.  Work culture especially in Canara bank is very good . Coming to working hour it is 10am to 5pm only. You will be given various non-pressure work. Life of a banker is more than you think, never give importance to negative saying about banker. Salary is good+ allowance is very good . Total rent paid by you is reimbursed by Bank. Coming to leave there is a very balanced principle in bank. CL,PL,SL,LFC these are some type of leave you can avail in bank. There is a provision to go for a tour inside India in every 2 year of your service, which is again reimbursed by Bank .

If you have appeared IBPS , this year and couldn’t make it then think of your child hood ,how many time you fall down before you stand on your own . Think of your parents and their dreams and just work on your weakness .Many student have weakness in English ,if your weakness is English then go and join a spoken English course and it  really helps . Read editorial and just point down what you read in a note book. Do it for 21 days then appear a mock test and then mail me your English score.

Just do it for 21 days and see your result 

So just find your weakness and work on that .Don’t waste your time friends.

4 thing to avoid or use only if required
  1. Whatsapp
  2. faceBook
  3. Internet
  4. Movie 
If you avoid these 4 things just for 21 days then you will see what you are capable of. Do meditation regularly, if you don’t have idea about meditation and its power then google VIpassanna and read it , do it if you think it is good.

All the Best all :)
Sunil Kumar Sahu
 Asst manager Canara Bank

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