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November 27, 2015

IBPS RRB IV Office Assistant Interview Experience - Sindhu Neela

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Interview Date : 26/11/15


Panel : 2

Time : 1 PM

Hello frnds am sharing my interview experience...i hope it will be helpful for u...My interview goes by this way
There were 4 members in the room..3 male and 1 female i wished them and then the interview started..
M1:what is ur father and mother ? and their profession?
Me:told(asked abt my fathers working place)
M2:do u have any siblings? And tel me abt that?
M1:what are all the exams you cleared?
Me: one bank exam..and other 2 are insurance exams
M1:which one u wil choose?
Me: i wil choose bank(rrb) sir
M1:why rrb ?
M1:i love to work in rural place..being born and brought up in a semi urban will be easy for me to accommodate in a rural place
M1:even insurance companies wil provide the opportunity to work in rural place?
Me: sir i have set my mind to work in banking sector and also it provides high promotion chances to young employees and high growth witnessed in banking industry (he seems satisfied)
M2:what’s ur percentage in ur graduation?
Me: told
M3:in which college u studied?
Me :told
M3: then why did u choose BE?
Me: i told the truth 
M2: are u interested in maths?(bcoz in the previous qn i have mentioned that i have interest in maths)
Me:yes sir
M3:then tell the name of a famous mathematician in india whose theorems are still famous?
M3:do u know at what age he died:
Me:around 30 i think sir..but he died earlier (he said good)
M1:functions of bank?
M1:what is overdraft facility(becoz i have told in my ans)
Me:explained (he said good)
M3: are u sure?is that river passing in ur city?(i have mentioned in my paper that vellar river is the major river passing through my city)
Me:yes sir i am sure (and he asked some more qns abt that river.i answered few and i left few qns)
M2:there is one agricultural  research centre in ur u know that?
Me: sry sir,i don’t know(then he told me abt that)
Me :i said thank u sir.
M3:gave me a prblm in maths(bcoz i told that i have interest in maths)
Me:i askes for a paper and pen..gave a mere answer(then he explained that prblm in a  practical way with a smiling face)
They said thank u sindhuneela
Thank u mam, thank u sirs
They didn’t ask any current affair or graduation related qns
 (the panel members are very friendly...they maintained the smiling face till the end..they helped me in some points..and they are very supportive ...i loved them:-P)
Friends the certificate verification is very strict..check that whether ur documents are  valid(especially ur OBC certificate)..
Overall my interview was average..hoping for the best
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