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November 21, 2015

IBPS RRB IV Scale 1 Officer Interview Experience - Tanmay

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Name :- Tanmay

Graduation :- B. Tech... ECE

Venue :- Bhopal

Date :- 18 Nov

Panel :- III

Reached the venue at 12:30 pm.... got the entry after 15 minutes... Waited in the waiting area till 3:30 pm.. called up for document verification took 15 minutes approx..... went to the waiting hall of the interview, staff was very friendly and caring asked for water many times and also offered tea... my turn came at around 4:40 pm.

Make sure to ask for permission to enter and then saying thank you and also before sitting greet the panelist according to the time with a smile..make sure to greet female first.

5 members in total Male 4 and Female 1

Head started the interview... 
1) Read my name wrongly. I corrected him with a smile. He looked in the documents then smiled..
2) Which college are you from ? then asked few details about it since it was of Jaypee Industry.
3) Why do u want to join financial sector ? answered but he said not satisfied.. answered again...satisfied little bit but not fully... passed to next

4) What is Inflation?
Was about to answer. all of a sudden started to panic but the panel was helping and one member said in HINDI "If u r not comfortable in english talk in hindi"... I Replied "No sir i m very much fluent in english it's just nervousness."
took a 15 second pause but every1 was staring the whole time...
now back to the mam and gave the answer.
5) What is India's GDP ? answered about growth rate i think
6) What is China's GDP ? I don't know that..
7) What is this maggi news? answered satisfactorily.... she passed the chance

(M2) Conversation in HINDI
8) What is..... said 2 or 3 terms. i haven't heard about it so replied sorry sir i don't know.. he passed to another

(M3) Back to English
9) What is FDI? impressed with the answer he smiled.
10) 2 or 3 days back changes in railway policy related to customers.What are they ? replied about the ticket cancellation changes. again impressed...
this time though it seemed like he was not expecting me to know the answer according to his expressions..

11) What are your Strength and Weaknesses ? everyone was very impressed as they looked at each other and smiled at the end of the answer...
Then the head seated in the middle said "Your interview is over. Thank You"
I said Thank You sir.. Thank you mam and again thank you sirs looking at the remaining members.. all smiled and said thank you....

Whole interview lasted for about 7-8 minutes..

              Started ok then turned bad then picked up and finished at a level of my comfort.
Hoping for the best..
All the best everyone.. and THANK YOU GR8AMBITIONZ TEAM for the material.
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