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November 21, 2015

IBPS PO V - The numbers that matters

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The cut off predicted was between 58 - 72 but it is surprisingly 76 just because the vacancies might have gone lesser than the last year.

The total number of candidates selected for the interview is about 48500 and one-third of them were selected for the posts in different banks which is 16344. But the annexure shows 16721 vacancies has been reported by the 22 PS Banks last year.

This year, only 40763 candidates are shortlisted. But 23 PSBs are having vacancies this time. If one-third is to be selected, 13600 posts will be filled this time.

Vacancies reported in

CWE 3 - 21680
CWE 4 - 16721
CWE 5 - Might be lesser when we compare the number of selected candidates in CWE-4 and CWE-5

There will be a heavy competition in the interview since the candidates are thoroughly filtered using 2-layered written examination. Out of 20 Lac in the prelims, nearly 4.5 lac are through to the mains and 40.7 K are through to the interviews and nearly 13.7K might get selected.

Last year,

Gen Cut off: 82 / 2.5 = 32.8 out of 80
Last Mark for Final selection: 49.6 out of 100
Minimum Marks for the one who got 82 to be selected: 16.8 ~= 17 out of 20
Which is 85 out of 100

Out of four interviewers, need to get at-least 21.25 from each interviewer which needs some effective performance in the interview.

Preparation: Technical + General + Banking + Smartness in answering
All the Best :)

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