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October 15, 2015

Why we are Failing every time ?

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Haii frnds.. Have u ever wonder why are we failing every time ? ?
I wanna let u know some mistakes we all do... 
  1. Remember everyone of us isn't gifted much by goddess of education so we have to work hard
  2. U are a 80% student in acads doesn't mean that u get 80% in IBPS exams
  3. I have seen some students doing a mistake..they are graduating in April 2015.. And writing the exams in sep / Oct 2015.. And majority of them fail
  4. These exams aren't for the one who buttify the subject and vomit in the exam hall... We need speed,talent,memory and hardwork
  5. Majority of the books in the market are so easy to do even by beginners... U will sure lu get 120+ in clerks and 100+ in PO... This is a market strategy... If the papers are difficult and u dont score marks in them u will never recommend it to others..a psychological fact
  6. Educational websites...  Many of us visit the education websites not for study purpose but only for commenting... We cannot change the reservation system...remove it from the mind... Congratulate an SC or ST rather than bashing him... Remember he defeated many members of SC / ST to secure the job...congratulate them..
  7. Don't buy every book..or online series... They just overlap... Its just waste of money for us.. Just go for a single series
  8. Practice at least 20 model papers before exam.
  9. Practice practice practice just online mocks...not paper models
  10. Accuracy is the ambuja cement for our building of success..
That's all I can say my friends.
Every one will succeed don't worry.. let us wait until the time comes..never go into depression..and don't attempt exams without proper training.. If  ur girlfrnd can't wait for u, bade her gudbye...she wants a PO not U.. ALL THE BEST my friends hope everyone of us becomes PO.

Dheeraz Shanmukh

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