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October 01, 2015

Study Plan for IBPS Bank Exams

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Hi frnds I am Alex Christo. wit ibps po exams are approaching fast hope ur preparations would be high on d air now!! :-) I just thot of adding a new leaf 2 it by sharing my article which I prepared long back for one of my best frnd :) I believe it will helpful 4 u atleast 4 ur ibps clerk prep even if suppose it doesn’t help 4 ur PO !! Kindly apologise if u find it lengthy as I thought of sharing everything I knew :)


I know this is d weak area 4 most of us, so we hav to practice this more than d other sections!!!  Just do numerical  atleast for 15 mins daily.. solve previous year math ques regularly atleast 1 set of quans ques daily.. Find out where u miss n try 2 improve in it.. Learn d basics like squares(upto 3o r 35),cubes(upto 15 r 20), multiplication tables(upto 20) and all very well.. Analyze urself well n find ur easy zones n d ques where u can score well.. Normally I prefer to attend numerical,DI,series first as this questions alone can help us 2 clear d sectional cut off easily..  Next to this u can try for quadratic equations(if asked) then easy arithmetic problems like average,age, ratio & proportion, partnership,etc…  Frame ur own methodology of solving ques n do as per ur convenience but plz practice regularly :)

Numerical Ability

In exams if we are lucky we can get these numerical ques like simplification,Approximate value, etc… If u r gud with basics n having good speed u can easily solve these questions n score 5 r 10 marks easily.. The multiplication tables(till 20) u learnt & ur daily 15 mins numerical practice wil b very helpful here!!


In my Institute they advised us to study d values of 100 division thoroughly.. Like 100/1=100,100/2=50 n so on till 100/30=3.33.. This will help u in more speedy DI calculations:-) Normally in many DI problems v will hav to multiply a number by 100 n divide by another number.. For instance if v hav to do a calculation like 17*100/14 u can simply do it more faster by calculating as 17*7.14 if u know the values of 100/1,100/2 till 100/30.  And also learn ratios n percentage thoroughly.. Mostly out of 5 ques in DI u will hav 1 from ratio n 1 from % precisely increase r decrease % from last year..


Mostly 3 r 4 out of d 5 ques asked will b easy only.. 2 my knowledge u can learn series 1ly by practise!! Try 2 solve it by different techniques like finding d difference b/w nos, possibility 4 mulitiplication r division in series, squares r cubes,etc.. Mostly by finding d difference itself u will get d idea of series n U can atleast solve 3 out of 5 ques in exam easily..  Regular Practise will make u a master series probs:)


Everyone here knows how 2 solve this since we hav studied it in our school itself!! I just wanna say only 2 things here which a few of miss at times :)

1.   Always compare d 4 values.. For instance if X=-15,-14 & Y=-15,-13 we cant simply say X<=Y by comparing -14 and -13 alone!!  We hav 2 compare all d 4 nos by which we will get “No relation” as answer in this example
2. If its cube root then we will hav positive value only.. Say Y^3=512 then Y=8.. But for X^2=36 &Y=sq root of 36 we we will get X=+6,-6 and Y=+6,-6 only..  And u cant simply conclude as X=Y for this since both X& Y values r same!! Comparing all d 4 values u will get “No relation” only as d answer :)

I dunno wat 2 say for the rest of quans part… Just practise them well by books available in d
market(specially RS Aggarwal) and use shortcuts wherever possible..


In Reasoning first u can try 2 cover inequality,syllogisms,Coding Decoding (If asked)etc 2 score marks easily:)  Input n output also u can do if u r gud in it..  All these r bulk ques n will easily give u 5 marks each n u can easily score 15 marks:)   Then u can go on for d other easy questions like Directions,Blood relations,Data sufficiency, 1 mark ques like alphabets,series,coding decoding,etc…. And then finally puzzle, linear arrangement and then seating arrangements as at times they may eat ur time!! Just find ur strong topics n go on 4 them first..


Im sorry I dunno how 2 guide u in English as im also little weak in it!! :-)  Anyways I hope u can prepare by reading newspaper regularly especially d editorial page.. Becoz mostly d descriptive questions, Jumbled sentences, Essay topics,etc.. are expected 2 b taken from that only and it will eventually help in Reading comprehension as ur reading speed becomes faster day by day!!! so just read newspaper regularly n next practice prev year exam questions well regularly.. Then do take part in d daily English quizzes posted & also by our fellow aspirants in comments section!! And if having time do see English movies:-) initially wit subtitle and then witout it!!
1.  Try 2 attempt d easy & ur favourite ques first like Fillers, Cloze,Spell check(if asked!!), Sentence correction, etc..
2. Even if u don’t hav time 2 do RC fully pls do try 2 atleast d synonyms & Antonyms in it :-)
3. Lastly try 2 maintain accuracy as much as u can since eng is d villain 4 most of us in today’s exams :)


Follow d daily gk updates of gr8ambitionz regularly and do make short notes of them daily.. Revise them well in d weekend!! Since u hav enough time Pls do thorough urself wit the mandate ques like capital, currency, days, ministers, abbreviations, sanctuaries, dams, dances, etc,,  Daily newspaper reading will help u not only 4 English but in current affairs too 4 sure :-)  whenever u get time pls do participate in d gk quizzes posted in comments section by our fellow aspirants (like ettle, Ishan, villain,etc…) 


Since computers r d one & only everlasting frnd 4 everyone in d world now I guess I don’t hav 2 say anything reg this section:-) For marketing it comes only in SBI, so just check on d previous year ques as most of d marketing ques wil b repeated only.. Even 4 computer almost 80% ques r repeated only!! Practise all d marketing & computer quizzes posted and do thorough d marketing capsule provided :)

Few suggestions (if u wish to listen) :
  1. Analyze urself n find ur strong n weak areas.. Focus more on weak areas atleast 2 clear d cut off in it and emphasise on ur strong areas 4 scoring more :-)
  2. 1 more imp thing is If ur exam s not on 1st batch analyze d prev batch ques well n analyze d ques format (section wise topics)asked.. Plan which ques u r gonna attend in every section n first solve ques which would b easy 4 u n help u in scoring:)
  3. Practise regularly 2 gain speed n accuracy:) Always remember SAT (Speed, Accuracy,Time management) is d key 4 success in every bank exam today :-)
I think I hav told u everything what I know :-)  Very sorry if I had blabbered anything!! Btw I don’t know how long im gonna be here!!! Anyways if this article helps now its ur turn 2 use this n come out wit flying colours & make ur family & frnds proud very soon :-) :-)  All d very best buddies :-) :-)

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