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October 01, 2015

Last Minute Tips for IBPS PO V Preliminary (Phase I) Online Exam 2015

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Friends, as IBPS PO V Preliminary Exam 2015 is approaching, many people have been worrying about the new pattern. So, here we have decided to throw some light on it. This post gives you the basic idea on the pattern of Preliminary Online Exam, followed by some tips and reviews of SBI PO Preliminary Online Exam 2015 which was held in the month of July 2015 (This exam was conducted by IBPS itself, so the pattern of IBPS PO V Preliminary Exam will be similar to this exam). 

Structure of IBPS PO V Preliminary Online Exam 2015

  1. As you already know, the IBPS PO V Preliminary Online Exam will be of 100 questions which are of 100 marks. 
  2. There will be NO General / Banking Awareness and Computer Knowledge sections in Preliminary Examination. 
  3. There are only 3 sections i.e., 
    1. English Language (30 Marks / 30 Questions), 
    2. Quantitative Aptitude (35 Marks / 35 Questions) and 
    3. Reasoning Ability (35 Marks / 35 Questions). 
  4. Individual (Section wise) and Overall Cutoffs will be there.  

Important Points to keep in mind about IBPS Phase I (Preliminary) Exam :

  • Keep in mind that you will have to complete your test in 1 hour. This will be of 100 Questions / 100 Marks. So, on average, you will get 36 seconds to answer a question. 
  • Time Management is the key to Success. All of us got used to 2 hour (120 minutes) Exam pattern. So it may be little difficult for us to divide 1 hour to solve 3 sections. Plan and manage your time accordingly. Iit depends on the ability and interests of Individuals. Every peson have some weak and some strong areas... The time allotment for each and every person will be different . But if you don't have any idea in it, you can follow the below strategy. 
    • English - 13 Mins
    • Reasoning - 22 Mins
    • Aptitude - 25 Mins
  • As we have stated above, Individual (Section wise cutoffs) will be there. You will be in safe zone if you can fetch atleast 10 marks in each section to get into Phase II. 
  • Please keep in mind that overall cutoff is NOT the total of Individual Cutoffs. Individual cutoffs will be around 10 Marks in each section, but Overall Cutoff will be slightly higher than the total of the three sectional cutoffs (will be around 35 to 40). So please don't take chance... try to get at least 15 marks from each section.
  • As this is the preliminary exam, obviously the difficulty level will be low. But in SBI PO Preliminary Exam, the IBPS has asked some questions which required lot of calculations. So, don't fall prey to these type of questions. Attempt the question, only if you know that the approach is correct and less time taking.
  • Last but not the least, keep in mind that They wont consider your Phase I marks for your final selection. So don't be greedy. Once you complete 18 questions in one section, then immediately move on to the next (no matter how easier the remaining questions are... solving them won't help you anyway). If you have time, then you can revisit to that section later. 
Now let's have a look at the reviews of SBI PO Preliminary Online Exam 2015. So that you will get a clear idea on the pattern of Phase I exam.
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