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October 01, 2015

LIC ADO Interview Experience - Nishanth

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Hello readers I m NISANTH

Here I am sharing my interview Experience of LIC ADO with you al...

There was only one panel

my session afternoon 2 o clock after all verification my turn knocked
by 4 o clock
two males and one female
I entered the room with greetings and they asked me sit then i did so
M1 - okay u r nisanth
me - s sir
M1 - tell me about ur family
me - said all starting from names and their graduation occupation and all
M1 - k, nisanth tell me what does Finance market means?
me - said
M1 - RBI and its function
me - said
M1 - recent GIM ,2015 in TN and deal enclosed in it?
me - said
M1 - job profile?
me - said
M1 - india's population?
me - said
M1 - 1 billion = (? crores/lakhs)
me - said
F1 - who is UN secretary?
me - said
F1 - why is in he news recently ??
me - sorry mam, i m unable to recollect
F1 - who are the recent recipients of Bharat ratna award/
me - said
F1 - name any one nobel laureate ?
me - said
F1 - who is he/she., and in which field does he belongs?
me - said
F1 - who is chess champ now?
me - sorry mam i m unable to recollect
M2 - abbrv of GPRS?
me - sorry sir
M2 - how do u calculate premium?
me - said
M2 - what is share market?
me - said
M2 - what is SEBI and its function
me - said
M1 - what is inflation?
me - said
M1 - do u have driving license for two wheeler ?
me - yes sir,
M1 - thats all u may leave
me - thankyou to all

PS: said said said to be googled by u or search and get the apt and correct answer I may be wrong at some point :) :)

be confident and answer the question be clear of what they ask ATB to all who take interview :):):)

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