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June 20, 2015

Review of Today's SBI Prelims Exam (Morning Shift)

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Hai I'm Kamireddy Maniteja from Andhra Pradesh. Here is my detailed review of today's (20th June 2015) SBI PO Prelims Exam. Happy Reading and All the Best :)

English- Moderate 

5- sentence rearrangement
5-error detection
5-fill in blanks
5-Cloze test
10- passage in that 4 synonms n antnomys.
Overal section was not easy .little tough

Reasoning- Easy

5 - Syllolgims
5-Blodd relations
15-puzzles(3 problems)
In that  two puzzles are inward  outside like that other one easy facing north 8membs like this.
5 miscellaneous like two from directions.

QA - Easy but time taken .

5-approximate problems
10-DI Easy out of that 8 problems easy questions like averages percentages .In DI 1problem on apperaed and passed  n 1 on imports of mobiles for various years
5series this was also easy bt time taken
Remaining from ages -1 profit n loss -1 S.I -1
Like dis
Easy probkems bt lenghty questions.

My Experience about this exam :
Overall exam not too much tough but here we have less time so we need to do 100 questions in 60mins that's the main issue .

My attempts 60
Hope for the best

Reasoning- n arthimetic I did with 100% accuracy due to lack of time English little bit tough for me.that's it friends THANK YOU

All the best for who are having the exams in coming weeks.

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