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October 15, 2015

Important : Differences between Man Booker and Man Booker International Prizes


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From the time we posted an article aboutAmerican author George Saunders winning Man Booker Prize 2017, some of our friends have been mailing us stating the post is wrong, and the actual winner is David Grossman. As many of our friends have been confusing with this issue,  here we will try to clear the air.

Guys, there are actually two different awards, Man Booker Prize and Man Booker International Prize.

The Man Booker Prize, which was also known as Man Booker Prize for Fiction / Booker-McConnell Prize is a literary prize awarded for fiction written in English and published in the United Kingdom. This prize was first awarded in 1969.

The Man Booker International Prize is a recent offshoot of Man Booker Prize. This award was given every two years to a living author of any nationality for a body of work published in English or generally available in English translation. This prize was first awarded in 2005.

Main Differences :
  • Man Booker Prize (1969) is older than Man Booker International Prize (2005).
  • Man Booker Prize was given to Novelists for his Novel. In simple words, this award honors only a Single novel. But, on the other hand, the International Man Booker Prize is more of a lifetime achievement award that honors a novelist or short story writer's entire body of work. 
  • As of now, the Man Booker Prize is awarded Every year, but the Man Booker International prize if for Every two years
Recent Changes in these Awards
  • Man Booker Prize : From its initial days, only Commonwealth, Irish, and Zimbabwean citizens were eligible to receive the prize. But from the year 2013, this eligibility was widened to any English language novel. 
  • Man Booker International Prize : From next year (2016), the award was significantly reconfigured. It is given annually to a book in English translation, with a £50,000 prize for the winning title, to be shared equally between author and translator. 
Recent Winners :
  • Man Booker International Prize 2019 : Omani writer and academic Jokha al-Harthi has won the Man Booker International prize 2019 for her novel 'Celestial Bodies'. With this, she became the 1st Arabic author to win the Man Booker International prize.
  • Man Booker Prize 2018 : Anna Burns (Ireland) has won the Man Booker Prize for the year 2018 for her book "Milkman".
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