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October 13, 2015

A Small Piece of Word to IBPS RRB (Not Qualified) Applicants

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Haii friends.. I am Dheeraz Shanmukh. Many of you must be in dilemma after seeings ur results today..ibps rrb.. it reminds me of 2013.. where i was an over confidentic idiot of the year.... i have attempted 190+ in clerks and 170+ in offciers scale 1.. and the results came and i scored just 131-134 in both the exams which were not sufficient for any interview onlne friends who attempted 20-30 questions less than me got interview calls and succeded in getting the jobs.. 

My advice is, Never attempt morethan required...150 is morethan enough if you have 100% accuracy...many of us make mistakes in english..better to avoid them of u are unsure of the questions.. a simple mistake in cicular arrangement will make u loose 5 questions.. in which u loose 7.5marks in total..a small jumble in para jumble ..7,5 marks will rumble out of the total.. 

We have to be confident but over doesn't pay well.. well for those who could not attempt more...try to be fast and accurate.. and who attempted most and failed follow my advice... all the best guys  sorry if i hurted anyone. 

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