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September 09, 2015

SBI PO interview experience 2015

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Hello everyone, Hope my experience useful for SBI aspirants.

I am Sonu kumar from Patna, Bihar

My GD & Interview held today 09/09/2015 @ SBI LHO, Patna, Panel 1.

Reached the venue @ 8:00 Am. After bio-metric attendance they call for Document verification. this take around 30 mins. After that they told to sit in the waiting room.. and provide us to breakfast...
@9:30 AM, they take us to GD room... That was for 14 candidates.

Do's - Relax and keep mind cool.. there was already a blank page and a pen in front of ur chair.

@ 10:00 all panel members (4M & 1F) came and told us about the rules of GD.
Anyone can start the conversation. After 2min each they give a chance for open conversation for 1 min each ..

Don't's -  Please not interrupt anyone in middle...

GD Topic - Should public enterprises be privatize ?

GD round goes to 30-35 mins.

After Gd they take 5-5 students for interview. Mine @ no. 3...

All are the same GD panel members.

1. Tell me about yourself?
2. After completing in 2012 what u done?
3. Why banking why not SSC ?
Looked like he satisfied. Than passed to M2.
4. What is monitory policy?

1. What is non conventional source of energy and why we need to encourage?
2. How solar panel works?
Answered but forgot abt chemical used in photo voltaic cell.
3. What is india's postion in solar power generation?
I said sorry
4. How our Govt encourages us to use Solar panel?
Answered properly they smiled.
5. You told in GD about public private partnership in Power sector.. then tell me recent power pacts between govt and private rivals?
I told about Adani, relience power but they not satisfied.

1. Your hobby is painting. which type of painting u paints? who is ur aspiration?
Answered and said M.F hussain abt my aspiration. but unlikely he asked a question about his last painting series name. I cant Answered

2. tell me 5 famous indian painter.

passed to M4:
1. what is PMJDY?
2. Recent insurance policy from govt.?
3. Asked about priority sector lending. And percentage for all sectors in this.
Answered but only 2 sector % told .(Agri- 18%, SME- 10%)

passed to F:(A 60 yr old lady)
1. who situate Shantiniketan?
Excitingly i told Ravindranath tagore. but suddenly i told sorry.
2. She asked me tagore's father's name.
I dont answerd. then she told Debendranath Tagore and he situated shantiniketan.
I told her thanks.
3. who got first novel prize in asia?
Ravindranath tagore
4. Who got first novel prize in economics in india?
Amartya sen

Finally they look each other and say Good luck .. You may Go now...

Remember :
  1. They touch all the sections which you mentioned in your biodata.
  2. prepare well for hobby, your course of study, your city and recent news.
(In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can)

Hope you all like my post .. Now moving ahead for next exams.

Thank you

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