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September 18, 2015

LIC ADO Interview Experience 2015 - Jalandhar

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Name - Suryakant Kumar

Qualification - B.Sc Chemistry honours

Venue - Jalandhar division office LIC

Date - 16-09-2015

Time - 2 PM
After document verification i entered the interview room with a soft knock and polite permission 'can i come in sir' . they answered with a smile.
interview panel- 2 male members and 1 female in which one was sardarji (nice man).
NOTE:- total interview was in hindi.
male1- tell me about yourself
i answered them briefly because i was from bihar and living in phagwara near to jalandhar with my brother who is posted in canara bank.
male1:- asked me deeply about my home town and qualifications.
me:- i understood that he was also from bihar and asked so many questions about my home town. i answered almost of them, the answered which i dont know, i skipped with a smile and sorry, he helped me in the answers.
male 2 (SARDAJI):- tell me about the setup of LIC
me. i started from 1 september 1956 to full discription of LIC and its number of branches, that is 8 zonal offices, 109 divisional offices, 2048 fully computerized branches and 992 sattelite branches. i can see there happy faces after my answer.
male 2:- who is chairman of LIC
me:- with a little smile, S K ROY
male 2:- headquarters of  LIC?
me:- mumbai
male 1:- who regulates LIC?
me:- IRDAI
male 2:- where is headquarters of IRDAI
me- hyderabad.
male 2- chief of irdai
me - t s vijyan
male 2-  where he was formerly posted
me- sorry sir i dont know
male 2- asked about my brother and his bank then asked who is the chairman of ICICI
me- chanda kochher
male 2 chairman of axis bank
me- sorry sir
male 2 chairman of sbi
me- arundhati bhattacharya
male 2- chairman of standard chartered
me- dont know
male 2- recently the famous indian. who is the ceo of a famous company
me- sundar pichai of google
male 2- ceo of microsoft
me- satya nadela
male 2- expalin the job profile of ADO
me- expalained, whatever i have read on their website.
male 1- u r from bihar so do u know about the elections which r going to be held there
me- yes
male 1- name the coalition parties of BJP
me- i name all of them with their full names.
now female turn- tell me about phagwara where i m presently living
me- explained with relating its history with a football team as i have attached certificate of football :) . told all its factories.
female- which state has the highest literacy rate
me- kerala
female- lowest literacy rate
me with a smile BIHAR.. they all laughed because i was from bihar and the main interviewer was also from bihar.
interview was over. i answered all questions comfortably and full of confidence. i enjoyed they also enjoyed. my interview was the longest on my center that lasts for 15-20 minutes.
the punching aspect of my interview was that i have read thoroughly the website of LIC so my description about their branches.

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