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September 23, 2015

August 2015 : Expected Current Affairs Quiz - Set 1

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India’s first Harbour Defence System commissioned in which naval harbour ?

World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) is observed on ?

World Breastfeeding Week is jointly organized by WABA, WHO (World Health Organization) and UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund). Expand WABA ?

Theme of World Breastfeeding Week 2015 is ?

In order to enhance its presence in the Central Asia and explore new business opportunities, which organization has recently signed three strategic agreements with Kazakh companies ?

India has the Second-highest number of companies on the Forbes Asia Fabulous 50 list 2015. Which country topped the list ?

Which company has recently bagged order to supply 1,239 high mobility vehicles worth Rs. 914 crore to the Indian Army ?

Name the first Indian who won a gold medal at the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles ?

International Friendship Day is observed on ?

India has successfully protected its traditional knowledge by preventing an attempt made by Europe's Leading Dermaceutical Laboratory to take patent on a medicinal composition containing turmeric, pine bark and green tea for treating hair loss. Name the laboratory ?

A 15-year-old Sikh girl in Pakistan has emerged as the first girl from the minority community to be among the toppers of the Class 10 examination. Who is she ?

An Indian  squash player has recently won Victorian Open Squash title in Melbourne. Who is she ?

Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) has recently lifted ban on which bollywood actor’s entry to Wankhede Stadium ?

Which country has recently became the ‎Olympic‬ movement's 206th member after the International Olympic Committee approved its inclusion ?

Expand CBDT ?

Expected Questions from September 2015 Current Affairs

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