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August 02, 2015

RBI Assistants Exam Review of 1st August 2015

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Hai Friends this is Krishna Chaitanya from Tirupati, The following is the review of my RBI exam (Afternoon Session – 1st August 2015)

Computer Awareness :

  1. Questions on input devices and output devices
  2. Full Form of ALU
  3. Which key is used to open HELP option 
  4. One million bytes approximately equal to
  5. Questions on MSword
  6. Question on booting
  7. Question on cold boot
  8. Question on RAM
  9. Question on odd one out
  10. Question on hand held devices
  11. First page on a website is called?
  12. Ctrl+c shortcut is used for
  13. Question on DBMS
That’s all I remembered

General Awareness:

  1. Budget allocated for “Namami Ganges” project – Rs.20,000 crore
  2. Daily mirror newspaper is in – London, UK
  3. Headquarters of international maritime organization – London
  4. Currency of Estonia – Euro
  5. Thimpu is the capital city of – Bhutan
  6. Y K Sabharwal who died recently was – Former chief justice of India
  7. In SLR what does R stands for – Ratio (SLR-Statutory Liquidity Ratio)
  8. Dispur is the capital of – Assam
  9. World Tourism day is observed on – 27th September
  10. The New Development Bank is headquartered in – Shangai
  11. CEAT Indian cricketer of the year 2015 – Ajinkya Rahane
  12. Health and family welfare minister – J P Nadda
  13. World’s Highest mountain – Mount Everest
  14. Brad Haddin is associated with which sport – Cricket
  15. New service tax 14% came into effect from – 1st june, 2015
  16. The Headquarters of Asian Development Bank is in – Philippines
  17. Author of the book Kashmir : The Vajpayee years – A S Dulat & Aditya Sinha
  18. Recently Which state withdraw the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) – Tripura
  19. Biggest insurance company in India – Life Insurance Corporation of India
  20. Under Atal Pension Yojana a person gets fixed pension at the age of – 60 Years
  21. Question on Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bhima Yojana
  22. Gautam buddha wildlife sanctuary is in – Bihar
  23. Question on Sukanya Samruddi Yojana
  24. Speed Pay App introduced by – BSNL
  25. Indian railways mou with which one to invest 1.5 lakh crores – LIC
  26. Man booker international prize 2015 winner – Laszlo Krasznahorkai
  27. George Yeo is the chancellor of – Nalanda University
These are the questions I remembered

Quantitative Aptitude: Problems on

  1. Simplifications
  2. Data Interpretation (Table)
  3. Boats and Streams
  4. SI
  5. Ages
  6. Series

Reasoning: Problems on

  1. Seating Arrangement
  2. Syllogisms
  3. Inequalities etc


  1. Paragraph
  2. Spelling Errors
  3. Fill in the blanks
  4. Cloze test
  5. Jumbled sentences

All the Best friends for your coming RBI exam

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