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August 02, 2015

Quantitative Aptitude Questions asked Yesterday's RBI Assistants Online Exam

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Hi friends, I am Aamir Khan. Here I am sharing the Quantitative Aptitude Questions asked in yesterday's (1st August 2015) RBI Assistants Online Exam. Happy Reading :)
  • One number is 18 less than the other number. The HCF of these two numbers is 6 and the LCM is 168. The sum of the squares of these two numbers is ?
  • A man bought two bikes at equal cost price. He sold one bike at a profit of 14% and sold the other bike at Rs 4290 more than the cost price. The overall profit he had on these two bikes is 20%. Find the cost price of each bike ?
  • Area of a square and a rectangle is equal. The breadth of the rectangle is 6 m less than the side of square and the length of the rectangle is 8 m more than the side of the square. Find the perimeter of the rectangle ?
  • A sum of principle amounts to Rs 5280 in 8 years at 4% simple rate of interest and to Rs 5920 in 12 years at the same rate of interest. Find the principle ?
  • A, B and C entered into a partnership by investing for 4, 6 and 12 months respectively. B’s investment was 2 times that of A and C’s investment was 2.5 times that of A. Together they incurred a profit of Rs 5980. Find the share of profit of B.
  • A person in boat takes 1 hour 4 minutes in going from A to B and coming back from B to A. The speed of boat is 12 kmph and the speed of current is 3 kmph. Find the distance between A and B.
  • A person takes 2 hour 5 minutes to go from one city to another. Part of the distance he covered on bus having speed of 28 kmph and remaining distance he covered by car having speed of 42 kmph. The distance covered by bus and car were equal. Find the distance between two cities.
  • Six years ago, the ratio of the age of Sia and her father was 1:7. The difference between their ages at present is 36 years. Sia’s age 5 years from now will be ?
  • The concentration of milk and water in a mixture is 5:1. 18 liter of the mixture is drawn and then 6 liter of pure water is added to mixture. The new concentration of milk and water in mixture now becomes 3:1. Find the initial quantity in liter of mixture.
  • A can finish a piece of work in 24 days. B is 20% more efficient than A and C is 25% more efficient than B. Find the time B and C will take to finish the work.
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