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August 22, 2015

Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS Bank Exams - Part 52

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For a foreigner temporarily residing in India, type of account to be opened is:
  1. Resident account
  2. NRO Account
  3. NRE Account
  4. All of these
  5. None of these 

Medium-term loan will be granted:
  1. To meet working capital deficit
  2. For acquisition of fixed assets
  3. To clear short-term debts
  4. To pay public depositors
  5. None of these
RBI is the apex Bank of India, similarly the apex Bank of USA is called:
  1. Federal Reserve
  2. The Central Bank of USA
  3. Bank of America
  4. All of these
  5. None of these 

To commemorate the International Day of Yoga, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently announced to issue coins of which denominations?