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August 22, 2015

Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS Bank Exams - Set 51

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  1. Which of the following is most important contributing factor affecting the profitability of banks ?
    1. Deteriorating productivity
    2. Heavy establishment expenses
    3. Huge "dead credit" in sick industries and the mounting NPAs
    4. Heavy losses on investment port-folio
    5. None of these 
  2. No license from RBI is required for:
    1. Opening a new bank branch in India
    2. Opening a new bank branch outside India
    3. Shifting an existing branch out-side the city , village or town
    4. Shifting an existing branch within the same city, village or town
    5. None of these 
  3. "Pure Banking Nothing Else" is a slogan raised by :
    1. ICICI Bank
    2. HDFC Bank
    3. SBI
    4. Axis Bank
    5. None of these 
  4. How much bad loans was accumulated with the public sector banks by 31 at March 2015, as dis-closed by the Finance Ministry on 21st July 2015?
    1. Rs.4.50 Iakh crores
    2. Rs.1.50 Iakh crores
    3. Rs.2.67 Iakh crores
    4. Rs.3.57 Iakh crores
    5. Rs.5.50 Iakh crores 
  5. What are the RBI guidelines for the development of interest rate swaps (IRS):
    1. Banks can use IRS for hedging and trading both
    2. MIFOR is a benchmark for IRS
    3. Under ISDA agreement Banks can opt for dual jurisdiction i.e; Indian as well as common law
    4. All of the above
    5. None of these 
  6. Which bank has become the first to launch Watch Banking in India?
    1. ICICI
    2. HDFC
    3. Axis
    4. SBI
    5. None of these 
  7.  Which of the following countries are top three largest shareholders in Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) ?
    1. China, India and Australia
    2. China, Australia and Canada
    3. China, India and Russia
    4. China, Russia and India
    5. None of these 
  8.  Which of the following is NOT a banking related term ?
    1. SME finance
    2. Overdraft
    3. Drawing power
    4. Term Loan
    5. None of these 
  9. Which of the following agencies is associated with business of Insurance sector as a regulator?
    1. NPCI
    2. ERDA
    3. SEBI
    4. AMFI
    5. None of these 
  10. Which of the following is the major function of an ATM installed by banks:
    1. To determine cash by way of withdrawal from one's account
    2. To transfer money from one place to another place
    3. To detect fake currency notes
    4. To manage currency notes in serial order and count them
    5. None of these 
  11.  Khandelwal Committee relates to study of ____________ issues in public sector banks:
    1. Capital Adequacy Ratio
    2. Human Resources
    3. Branch Expansion
    4. Foreign Exchange
    5. None of these 
  12. Which among the following countries has least contribution in the capital of the New Development Bank (NDB)?
    1. Brazil
    2. India
    3. South Africa
    4. Russia
    5. None of these 
  13. Liquidity ratio is fixed by Reserve Bank of India under the powers conferred on it by ?
    1. Reserve bank of India Act, 1934
    2. Companies Act, 1956
    3. Bank Regulation Act, 1949
    4. Special Powers given by the Union Ministry of Finance
    5. None of these 
  14. Which of the following is not a member of the World Bank Group:
    1. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    2. International Development Association
    3. Bank of International Settlement
    4. International Finance Corporation
    5. None of these 
  15. The growth of commercial banks advances has proportionately been less than that in deposits. This is because:
    1. The commercial banks follow a conservative credit policy
    2. The reserve Bank of India always apply a restrictive credit policy
    3. There has been a progressive increase in the statutory liquidity ratio which banks are required to maintain
    4. The demand for bank credit has not increased correspondingly
    5. None of these 
  16. Audit adopted by banking company is:
    1. Regular Audit & Concurrent Audit
    2. Periodical Audit
    3. Internal Audit
    4. Balance Sheet Audit
    5. None of these 
  17. Financial literacy is a serious issue for RBI because:
    1. It would enable better under-standing of banking business
    2. With better understanding more and more people can utilize the banking services
    3. It would mean banks can do more business
    4. It would mean the maximum number of people
    5. None of these 
  18. The function of back office are:
    1. It verifies and settles the deals
    2. It maintains proper record if Book keeping
    3. It submits financial returns of RBI
    4. All of the above
    5. None of these 
  19. "Brown projects" means:
    1. Projects envisaged in metropolitan cities
    2. Projects where capital infusion is of a very high order
    3. Any project other than those for Agricultural activities
    4. Projects aimed at modernization, diversification and expansion
    5. None of these 
  20. The government of India has signed a USD 300 million loan pa-ct to support the National Urban Health Mission (NUHM) with which of the following ?
    1. World Bank
    2. Asian Development Bank
    3. New Development Bank
    4. All of the above 
    5. None of these 
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