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July 14, 2015

SBH Success Story

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Hi friends...!

This is M. Siva Sankar Rao from ANDHRA PRADESH.

I am a B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) Graduate from 2014 pass out.

within this 1 year period I had faced some twists to get the final output.

I unexpectedly joined in bank coaching in 2014 July just because my brother had joined, and at that time an attractive 5000 posts were recruited by SBI.

I wrote that exam, but of no use.

And next I appeared for Assistant loco pilot exam and IBPS Clerical exam.

Results came for both the exams and I was intimated that I was 3 marks away from the IBPS Clerical exam(Got 130 but cutoff for A.P is 133)

Felt quite sad and at the same time generated some confidence.

Sbi associate clerks notification was released at that moment and I started preparing for that as a missile gun.

TWIST begins here.

My Sbi exam was scheduled 21st February and I was in peak preparation.

At that moment my assistant loco pilot results were out and I qualified in written test and called for psychological test, and it was scheduled on 20th February.

Happy tears came out from my heart.

Nothing was in my mind except psychology test.

I  had thrown all my bank books aside and started preparing for psychology test.

Days passed..!

One day just prior to 10 days before the exam, I casually went for the doctor to checkup my eye sight.
As it is must and should perfect for the pilot jobs.

The doctor examined me for some time and blasted that I had COLOUR BLINDNESS and Iam no more perfect for pilot and defence jobs.

Oh my god. A huge stone in my heart...  Tears broke down. This time sad tears. Didn't slept for the whole night.

What to do now.???

Only 10 days are remained for the Sbi associate clerk exam now.

I don't know where had I thrown my books also.  Didn't updated Current Affairs, Forgot all quantitative aptitude.

Again I picked up all my bank books.

Again started my preparation with 8 days left with nill confidence.

Any way appeared for the examination with huge headache since two days.

Got the written results and my number appeared in the list,,  but I didn't react this time. No tears.,, Thinking that I had just qualified with cutoff marks and SBI Interview is tough enough to face.

Any way I appeared for the interview also, I had been asked only banking questions but for half an hour.

Waited till today with 50-50 hopes.

July 13 - The most memorable day in my life.

Went for morning show my favorite hero Prabhas movie BAAHUBALI,, came to room ate and slept.

8 p.m  - my mobile rang and brother called and said SBI Results are out bro. Check and call me.

All my sleepiness  vanished.

Immediately turned on my mobile net and checked for the results.

I a hurry I didn't found my number.

As I was almost to collapsed I again re-checked with great concentration on my number.

Deeevuda (oh my god) My Number is THERE.

I Sat on the road and started screaming.  I immediately called to my dad and informed him.

Dad...! I got job in STATE BANK.

No words for a while only cries.

Now I am in Rajahmundry. I was planning to have a pushkaram bath, a big party for my friends here and go home tomorrow.

Bye guys. All the Best to all....

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