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July 30, 2015

NICL Interview Experience - Saurabh Singhal

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My name is Saurabh Singhal

Iam from Delhi
Venue: Hotel Swati, Delhi

First take all your certificated in original and documents are checked very carefully, however the staff was very cordial.
(even they are asking for tea)

Then Computer Proficiency Test was taken in which we have to type a paragraph in MS WORD and make a table in MS EXCEL, it is also very easy.

Then, interview started

There are 3 members 2M and 1F
M1: asked you are from Delhi
Me: yes
M2: you have done B.Com from which college
Me: from correspondence sir
M2: why correspondence
Me: replied
F1: why you want to join insurance sector
Me: explained my experience in visiting NICL branch and the negative points of my visit and said i want to bring some changes in insurance sector if ever given a chance to me
M2: wishes me best of luck
Me: i said thank you sir

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