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July 30, 2015

Indian History Quiz : Indus Valley Civilization - Part I

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Hi friends, this is Navtej again. First of all, thank you so much for the wonderful response to my yesterday's quiz on India in Space (please read that quiz here). Today I am sharing a quiz on Indian History. I have decided to start with Indus Valley Civilization (2 parts) followed by Vedic Age and various Empires and Freedom Struggle. Once again I am saying, this post is not for Banking Exams. So banking aspirants can skip these quizzes. Your reviews are always welcome. Happy Reading :)
  • The history of India is divided into three parts. Which are they ?
    • The ancient, medieval and modern
  • What is ancient history ?
    • The history recorded of the past. It gives a clear picture of the man's progress from his early wild stage to highly civilized condition.
  • What are the two major divisions of the ancient Indian history ?
    • The history of the age when people could not write is known as the period of unrecorded history, the period when writing came to be used is known as the period fo recorded history. 
  • What enables the historians to fix the dates of the material remains with a high degree of accuracy ?
    • Carbon - 14 dating
  • How are the monuments useful to the historians ? 
    • The monuments are useful to the study of ancient architecture, social, political and economic life of the people, fine arts and the age of various civilizations. 
  • Which was the earliest civilization that flourished in India on the banks of the river Indus ?
    • The Indus valley civilization from 2,900 - 1,800 B.C.
  • Which are the important sites, connected with the Indus valley civilization ?
    • Lothal near Ahmedabad (Gujarat);
    • Kalibangan in rajasthan;
    • Banwali in Hissur (Haryana);
    • Ropar near Chandigarh (Punjab);
    • Mohanjodaro in Larkana (now in Pakistan);
    • Harappa Sahiwal district (now in Pakistan)
  • Which site was the first to be excavated ?
    • Harappa
  • Who first excavated the Harappa site ?
    • John Marshall and R. D. Bannerji in 1921
  • Which is the largest Harappan city ?
    • Mohenjo-daro
  • What is the most remarkable structure of Mohenjo-daro ?
    • The Great Bath
  • The houses and buildings of Indus valley were made up of what ?
    • Baked bricks
  • What kinds of cloth were worn by the people of Harappa ?
    • Cotton clothes 
  • What were the chief occupation of the people ?
    • Agriculture and cattle forming
  • What was the main deity of the Indus people ?
    • Mother Goddess who they worshipped 
  • How long did this civilization last ?
    • For about 1000 years
  • Which spirits were worshipped by the Indus people ?
    • Nagas and Yakshas
  • Modern Hinduism which possess all the features of which culture ?
    • Indus valley culture 
  • How many seals were excavated from Mohenjo-daro ?
    • nearly 300
  • Which were the chief food of the people ?
    • the people used Wheat, Barley, Palmdate, mutton, pork, fish and eggs.
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