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May 17, 2015

SBI Associates Clerk Interview Review

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Name - Shrikant

Category - General

Venue - SBI Learning Center, Pune

Date - 16th May 2015

Time - 12.00 PM

Panel- II

Documents Verification--If u r from engg background ,bring all semester marksheets with xerox.self attested is ok,no problem.though my reporting time is docs verification was done by 3 PM.

panel included 3M & 1F

Me- May I come in sir?? (IMP tip-- Please do not say "Excuse me Sir,May I come in??" just May I come in--is a good gesture)

M1--Yes Beta ,Please Come in.

Me--Good Evening Sirs,good evening Madam(As clock was tickling between 4:10 to 4:11 at that time)

F1:Good evening

M1 was reading my biodata form loudly.asked about father's occupation ,then asked ,ur score in SSC board exam was so good and then u suddenly went down to xx% in 12 th,y??..Is thr any specific reason??

Me--No sir,I didnt prepare well.

M1-whats ur CET score??


M1:Do u thnk its a good score(with throwing a confusing glimpse towards me)

Me-I dont thnk Sir

M2(suddenly interrupted): It was a good score .

Me-just smiled.

M1:also u hav a gap before 12th.

I was confused,b4 i said smthng M2 again interrupted.

M2:No sir In between SSC and HSC thr is 11th also,its not gap.

(I was shocked that hw can a DGM level person didnt know abt 11th is thr also in ssc and hsc.)

M1-U already did job in software industry,then y banking(i am literally tired of this que,bt still gave ans ,which is common)

Me-its a growing sector,banking provides job stability and security

M1(Interrupted suddenly):I hav heard this answer 25 times from morning,

Me-Sorry sir,bt this is a fact and thats y most of engineering graduates are turning towards Banking

I thnk M1 was not satisfied....he threw the ball in M3's court

M3:What u generally do other than studies??

Me-Internet browsing and reading articles,swimming,I am a member of dhol tasha Pathak(suddenly F1 (She is maharashtrian) said "Tht's good, Frm how many yrs u r playing DHOL??"   Me:-from 4 yrs madam. F1:Good)

M3:which type of articles u read??

Me--India's foreign policies and international relations

M3- so tell me about our relationship with china

Me-explained with currently our PM's visit to china

M3-What maharashtra gained from this tour??

Me-explained about aurangabad and dong hou sister cities project.

M3-about nepal??

Me-explained with historical background and recent earthquake,media indian media is responsible for Nepal army's anger

M3 to M2--why our media asked such type of questions,i dont know,its annoying

M2 just smiled.

M3--the richter is scale is 7.1 knw??..u said 7.4

Me-Sir,another earthquake was happened,it was 7.4.

F1 and M2--yes its 7.4

M3--(Fully satisfied and smiling)....Ok shrikant,now we come towards our main region,our main profession, Banking....tell me about banking

Me-explained with defination and schemes

M3-what are deposite schemes??


seems M3 is satisfied.

M2-how many exams u gave ??


M3(again)-Ok shrikant,tell me about BPL

Me-explained in detail with committees those were set to decide below poverty level

M3-is thr any system for BPL identification.

Me-yes,rationing cards r thr.....white is for above poverty level and orange is for below poverty level

M3-and what about yellow??

Me-i dont know sir

M3-Its for bpl

Me-Ok sir

M1 to F1 u want to ask any questions??.F1 said NO

M1--Ok Shrikant ,we r done..All the best for ur future

Me-Thank you sir,Have a good day !!!

So overall interview was good...


so be confident (Thr r some students in my batch ,who have taken notes of their HOBBIES with them and they were mugging up before their turn.....literally.....dont do that...Mention ur hobbies only in which u have interest)

Dont take any tention...BE CONFIDENT..ALL THE BEST

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