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May 19, 2015

My SBI Associate Assistants Interview Experience - Sangeeta. K

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DATE  : 18/05/2015

TIME : 9 A.M

I was in Panel 1 there were 22 members in each panel and in my centre there were 3 panels and i was the last one. My document verification was finished by 11.30A.M.My interview started at 1.25P.M there were 4 members (1lady and 3 men) all aged above 50.
Mam : come in
Me : good afternoon sirs, good after noon mam
Mam : pls sit down
Me : thank u mam
Mam :about my father occupation, regarding my 3 yrs gap as i am 2012 pass out and about my college(she asked only about general no banking or gk or current affair )
Me : answered
(passed to m1)
M1: tell me about irac norm?
Me :said
M1 : difference b/w RRB and commercial bank 
Me : answered
M1: about recent change in banking
Me :told about core banking
M1:what are the qualities assistant should have ?
Me: said about being good listener, calm personality etc.
(passed to 2nd men )
M2 : about my hobbies
Me : told
M2 : about jan dan yojana , what r the benefits we get,who can open and how much over draft given and when it has to be repaid ?
Me :told  every thing but forgot the repayment i told 9 months but it was for current deposit for jan dan yojana its 1 month
M2:what river flow in tamil nadu (as i born in tamil nadu)
Me :kaveri
(passed to m3)
M3 : asked do u know kannada ?
Me : no (as i m from delhi and born in tamil nadu )
M3:what is geo you mentioned in 12th standard
Me :told tat i took geography among biology and geography
M3: what is geo meaning
Me : told studying about earth
M3: asked  about india’s star in badminton (as i mentioned tat i won medal in badminton) and asked what is nic name of pt usha and who is golden girl
Me :told

Guys its not that tough as we all think once you complete your interview you ll feel yaar ye to assan tha itna mahanat sirf is keliye kiya tha kya.i read full banking term but there was only 2  questions so take it easy if u don’t know don’t be tense its not necessary every one should know everything they ll just check ur confidence all the best guys:-)

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