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April 17, 2015

Your Past Was Never A Mistake If You Learned From It

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The Chair of Success

Hi friends,


Name: Mohammad Shoeb

State: Maharashtra

Cat: unreserved 

Roll No :2280705187

Percentile: 62.60 (Dena Bank as clerk)

After completed my MBA (2013) I was selected from campus selection in banc assurance at that time I was happy. And I had joined the company. But I don’t know about job at 1st day of joining, my father was with me as I had observed that day that no one was co operative even not single chair was reserved for me. By observing all this thing my father was very disappointed that you are mba guy and there is not a single chair for you to sit how can you manage. And really that was very miserable job I used to stand up all day to complete the target. And   I used to go in rural area in summer. Manager used to call me day and night to complete the target .he harasses me.i was very disappointed at that time I understand the difference between pvt employee and govt employee. And I decide to quit the job and try in bank job. That was my life turning point..

I came home and join the classes I used to study hard day and night just study. I joined classes but the result was not good
1) Ibps po, clerk 3=not cleared
2) RRB PO, CLERK 2=not cleared
But I waited for whole next year of 2014 I just did study and was waiting for good result
1) RRB po, clerk 3=not clear
2) Ibps po 4=not clear.

At that time I was very very disappointed. My father came and told me that it will be good if I do MBBS at least so that I can earn more money instead of doing my useless mba degree. At that time I was crying and thinking about missing chair which was loss in my 1st job. Whole day and night I used to think about that missing chair and it really motivate me to do my best. and finaly at 1st April

3) IBPS Clerk 4 -  Cleared got Dena bank.

At that time my eyes was filled with tears. I just hug my father and told that I have founded that chair which I was missing in my first job and friends trust me when I will join the bank first of all I will make my father sit in the chair and will tell that this is the missing chair.. It is dream come true for me, but friends It was  not possible without  gr8ambitionz. Gr8ambitionz helped me lot in study and specially at time of interview with interview experiences. Gr8ambitionz is very good website for bankers aspirants and last but not least

the future belongs to those who believe in beauty of their dreams” 

All the Best :)

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