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April 17, 2015

My Interview Experience of New India Assurance Assistants

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I am AVINASH.C From Bellary, Karnataka. I appeared for New India Assurance interview on 11th of April 2015 @ THE RAMANA SHREE HOTEL Bangalore. (After Noon session: 1:00pm)

Documents Required:
  1. Fill interview data sheets completely (do not sign) and take 3 photocopies. Paste photos in all 4 copies you can sign in all 4 copies (in front of them). 
  2. All certificates original + 1 set photocopies is enough (self attested). 
  3. ID proof which you have submitted at the time of written exam. 
  4. Online application form along with e-receipt. 
  5. Interview call letter.
Document Verification : Verification started at 2:00pm and finished at 2:20pm .They are checking each and every document thoroughly. 

Computer Proficiency Test ( Time : 15 Minutes)
This is very simple. They will give you a paper with a paragraph and a table of values. Type the paragraph in MS-Word (which consists of 7-8 lines) and type the table of values in MS-Excel.
Note: please read the instructions carefully in the given paper.


5 interviewers were there 3 Males and 2 Females. Interview was in English.

1M: Introduce yourself.
ME: Answered.

2M: Screwed me with a single question in different ways “why do you choose insurance sector after engineering and moreover you are having a experience in core sector”.
ME: Answered in different ways, but I think so they satisfied up to 80%. (I am from Mechanical Engineering)

3M: Asked general questions:
  • CM of Jammu & Kashmir: sorry sir I have read but I could not remember right now.
  • CM of Andhra Pradesh      : Answered.
  • CM of Karnataka                 : Answered.
  • CM of Tamil Nadu               : Answered.
  • To which field Padma vibushan awards are given: Answered with examples.
1F: what is swatch Bharath?
ME: Answered.

1F: who launched swatch Bharath?
ME: Answered.

1F: When was it launched?
ME: At that time I couldn’t remember the date, So I told sorry madam I could not remember right now.

And at last madam (1F) asked, do you know to read & write Kannada (As state regional language is KANNADA).
ME: Yes madam I know to read & write Kannada, moreover I have studied Kannada as one of the subject from class 1st to 10th.Then madam gave me Kannada news paper to read. I started reading after reading 3 to 4 lines madam suddenly asked me to stop and told me to translate the same in English. Me translated the same and explained in English.

2F: By showing the shivrajkumar picture in news paper asked me who is he?
ME: Answered

2F:  whose son is shivrajkumar?
ME: Answered.

Overall my interview was good. All the best friends.

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