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April 07, 2015

Yes Yes And Again Yes It is Possible - Linganna (Solomon) - Canara Bank Clerk

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Hi friends... i am Linganna (also known as Solomon) from Kurnool, AP. Pardon me for lengthy post. I am an ardent reader of gr8ambitionz. I completed (ece) in the year 2013. First i would like to say big thanks to refuge of refugee(god), my mother and gr8ambitionz. 

Let me say few words about my family. My father passed away when i was at fifth standard. Things became worsen. My mother works as farmer and coolie. My mother is the best motivator for me. She works hard and hard. She is not going to sleep day time, if she is sleeping day time it means she has some illness. She believes in effort, not concern about result. Her policy is that if our effort is best then result also best. everybody in my village praises her hard work. She did everything for me. She gave me opportunity to study engineering. I faced no of hindrances while studying engineering. There were so many days i had no lunch. I had to adjust it with one or two bananas. I worked as catering boy and pamphlet distributor to tackle my financial obstacles. Every time whenever i went to catering i dreamt of today i came here to serve as catering boy but one day i am going come this function as guest. Meanwhile i did not neglected my studies. From childhood i am a first class student.

   In final year of my i had decided to become banker. In July 2013 i joined local institution for
bank exams. I lost ibps po 3 interview by one mark. On 1st Jan 2014 when i saw ibps clerk 3 result there was a word congrats. 1st Jan 2013 i was in the restaurant working as catering boy. I became so happy. In general on 1st Jan we receive happy new year message from friends but i received good news from ibps. Contrast to this on 2014 April 1st i became fool. I lost it by one mark.i qualified rrb 2 po and clerk. But due to low scores did not got job.
 This time i cleared all series of ibps.
  • IBPS PO 81(sc category) not in the final list.
  • IBPS Clerks 133 selected in canara bank.
  • IBPS RRB Clerks 165 got two jobs (apgb clerk and apgvb clerk)
  • RRB PO 110 missed interviews apgb po by 2 marks and apgvb by 1 mark. 
Waiting for upcoming notifications.

   WHEN I GOT MY FIRST JOB I SAID TO MY MOTHER MY DEAR MOTHER FROM TOMORROW ONWARDS YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED GO COOLIE BECAUSE YOUR SON GOT JOB. When I went to my village i was so HAPPY not because i got job but because people in my village so happy because of my job. It is not to praise myself but to say that you might from rural area it is also possible to get bank job.

Tips for exam:
  • If we are aiming for the best our preparation should also best. if particular section(computer) easy for all then it should be easiest to us. If particular section (English) is difficult to all then it should be easy to us. 
  • Arithmetic not only about knowing concept but it is also about how we solve the problem within short span of time. 
  • While preparing gk ask questions and give answers yourself.
Tips for interview:
  • Interview is not only about  knowledge but also about behavior,attitude. Even things going against you maintain patience. don't lose hope. Prepare for the worst i am sure your result is going to become best.
  • If you lost this ibps 4 with marginal marks then ibps 5 will not be test of knowledge but will be test of patience. If we lost patience,interest,zeal half of the failure we accepted then remaining half failure ibps is going to say us thank you for appearing this exam.
  Always have this sentence always in your mind Hoping for the best. Don't think too much about problems which you are facing now. Before going to every exam/interview i write like this Today i have exam/ interview. I have confidence that i am going to win this race. Yes i can do it. Yes i can achieve it. i am sure my name is going be in final list. Thank you lord for your everlasting love.
Last but not least have the faith in god, he is going to give us moral support to us. 

Thank you gr8ambitionz once again. All the best my dear friends....

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