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April 13, 2018

Tricks to remember Countries and Capitals (Part - I)


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Hi friends this is Chithu. here am sharing you mind tricks to remember COUNTRIES AND CAPITALS.If you able to understand,you can follow this.

Bahrain- Al Manamah ::
     Mind Trick--> Bahrain has 'rain' in its last word
                         In Manamah take the word 'man'
Now, Man stands in the rain.
Cyprus- Nicosia::
   Mind Trick--> Take cyp as 'zip'
                        in Nicosia think as Nike t-shirt
Now Nike shirt has zip in it

Iran- Tehran
    Mind trick-->Both sides ends with 'ran'

Israel- Tele Aviv
    Mind trick-->In Is'rael' all seen 'Rally' in television

Cambodia- Phnom Penh
     Mind trick--> Combo pack of 'pens' are given

Iraq- Baghdad
    Mind trick--> 'Ira' in this era my 'dad' was born

    mind trick-->'Jo+man'= Joker man

  South Korea-Seoul
   Mind trick:: So+Oul= Soul i.e. Seoul

North Korea-Pyongyang
   Mind trick::North people look always 'Young'

Kyrgyzstan- Bishkek
  Mind trick:: 'kyr' sounds like 'Geer'
                   'Shkek' sounds like shake
now like milk shake,it is Geer shake the Geer to make geer shake

   Mind trick:: Beirut sounds like Beetroot
                    Lebanon sounds like Non
Now it is Beetroot it.. ;-)

  Mind trick:: Add 'E' to the end of Mal.

Taiwan- Taipei
  Mind trick:: Both ends are tied 'Tai'

 Mind trick::In Syria first 2 letters sounds like 'see'
                 So see the 'Dam' when you go for picnic

  Mind trick::Qatar sounds like 'katta'
                   Doha sounds for Dhokla food
Now it is Katta dhokla

  mind trick::You remember the Robot movie heroine sana
                  She prayed to god for chiiti Robo at last said 'Amen'

  Mind trick:: in Austria take 'tri' means 3
                    Vienna Sounds like instrument 'veena'
 So,3 veenas that is tri vienna

Philippines - Manila
  Mind Trick:: Philips TV was manufactured by a 'Manu' and Nila
  Manu and Nila becomes Manila

 mind trick:: Oman as 'Oh!Man!!"
                  You Must cut the hair---Must cut,Muscat

Friends i have shared only few. If you are able to easily memorize this method,I will share the remaining countries also.after reading this, close the capitals by your one hand and see only the will be able to remember this trick and able to answer

Thank u

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