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April 28, 2015

Success Story of Abinaya

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Even if you fall on your face you are still moving forward. NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP

    Friends this is Abinaya from Tamil Nadu.I religiously follow gr8ambitionz and It has played a vital role in my career. 

     When I started preparing for competitive exams the very next month I lost my father. Iam only daughter to my parents and I thought why are we still alive after losing my father? No one was there to console me other than my mother. She told me your fathers dream is everyone should see your bestest version and you should become a banker. So I started to run towards my dream but I fell down several times.
As i am working in a private concern I was wondering how to prepare and I really was hopeless. I had the question are we really capable enough of cracking the exam without going to coaching classes? The next day I came across JISHA G NAIR’s post which changed my instinct. In her post she wrote “FRIENDS WHEN I HAVE ALL THE RESOURCES WHY SHOULD I GO TO COACHING CLASSES” I started to prepare by myself. Whenever I felt I was lost I saw motivational videos in you tube and quotes on motivation. I read articles about Michael Jordan,JK Rowling, Hellen Keller, Wilma Rudolph, Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln.etc and kept my self motivated throughout the day. I told myself “I WILL NEVER GIVE UP UNTIL I SUCCEED NO MATTER HOW BAD THE CIRCUMSTANCES ARE”. I come home after 7 PM. I start preparing
for exams after one hour. Daily I practiced reasoning and apps and I burned midnight oil everyday. I wrote many mock tests and it helped me a lot to improve my speed. Whenver I thought of my father I won’t cry in front of my mother I cried after she slept. A girl who is in turmoil with no support no motivation can crack the exam why not you friends?? I would not like to tell how many exams I have cracked as many friends who are hundred thousand times talented than me are yet to get the job.

For those who are missing continually TELL YOURSELF” MY TURN IS NOT FARWAY AND I WILL WIN

Never listen to people who discourage you and who throw cold water on your plans and decisions. Keep Away from them. NEVER NEVER NEVER QUIT. TRY TRY TRY until you succeed.”CHAMPIONS ARE NOT SUPER NATURAL THEY JUST FIGHT ONE SECOND MORE WHEN EVERYONE ELSE QUIT”

Quants: You can get n number of shortcuts from and practice is the only way to crack this section

Current Affairs: Gr8ambitionz capsule, are the best way to keep updated and rest of the sections you all know.

For interview I was afraid as I didn’t have any idea . I read ROHIT KASHYAPS success story and I called Gurmeet sethi. Interview also plays and important role in your selection .He took online classes and he is the reason because of whom I have won. He helped me to build my confidence, how to answer questions .His website is This is the best way to get ready for your interview. These two people helped me reap the fruits.


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