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April 16, 2015

General Knowledge Quiz - Set 38

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Kamban translated an epic into Tamil for the first time. Name the epic 

Which two sports that start with the letter C are no longer in Olympic ?

Name the "Land of the Midnight Sun" ?

Louvre Museum is located in which city ?

Who painted "the Last Supper" ?

Name the book written by Abu'l-Fazal on Akbar's administration of his kingdom ?

In the game of volleyball, how many players are on each side ?

Expand the acronym ICRC ?

Name the visual impaired climber to climb Mt Everest ?

Name the national flower of Japan ?

This form of folk music speaks of God and is traditionally sung by the boatmen who live along the river. Name it ?

In which part of the plant do we find pollen ?

What is the technique of clipping tree into ornamental shapes called ?

Who pioneered the Dalit Buddhist Movement in India ?

What is that part of the plant that protects the budding flower ?

Who is called the Father of Medicine ?

Thymine is another name of which vitamin ?

Which kind of combat is unarmed, is an Olympic sport and uses the weight of the opponent to one's advantage ?

On the banks of which river is the city Belgrade located ?

Which animal is called the "Man eater of the tropical seas" ?
Rajarajeshwari. M

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