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April 16, 2015

NIACL Interview Experience of 15 April

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Name: Sumeet A

Location : Kapilla Hotel, Pune

Time : 1 PM

Date : 15 April
  Hi friends I am Sumeet from Pune. I want to share my interview experience of NIACL Assistants, which was held yesterday (15th April 2015). The Interview began with document verification.

Then There was a very simple CPT i.e we have to type 7 to 8 lines in word and to make table in excel and to add them. It is very simple test don't take tension of this test.

Now interview 

There were 5 Member in Panel ( 4 Male, 1 Female). Here are the questions they asked
  • M1: Tell me your full name and from where you are?
  • M2: Which subject did you studied in your MBA?
  • M3: What is mean by Financial Statement?
  • M2 : What is mean by asset and liablity? Some Cross question on this
  • M3 :What is insurance and re- insurance with example?
  • M1:Which are government and private sector insurance company?
  • F1 : What is mean by Bad Debt?
  • F1 : What is mean by petty cash?
Overall interview was good. But 2 question remain unanswered

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