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April 03, 2015

Effort will release its Reward only after you refuse to Quit

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Name : Manish Gulbrao Borse

Roll no. : 2391303660 (IBPS PO 4)

Hi friends, i have been able to clear ibps po4 and alloted canara bank(101 in written and 66 in interview).Perhaps one of the considerable achievement i think i have made since a long time.i am grateful to Gr8ambitionz for providing valuable guidance throughout my preparation,simply have no words to express my gratitude.

It was in 2010 and i was in beginning of my 5th semester of engineering that i stuck upon a bump in my life.i stated suffering from severe stomach cramps and nausea everyday in june,2010.I visited the doctor and i was fine after nearly one month.Again in a week i experienced the same symptoms in a week while i was having an early morning i was really concerned and visited doctor.i was put on medication and this phenomenon of relief and flare ups continued till december. Ihad lost around 10-12 kgs of weight and was not able to digest even a single chapati.i missed my all exams in the semester and was january i had an colonoscopy and was diagnosed with Chrons disease which is an autoimmune disease.

The doctor said i had to be put on strong medicines,,mostly steroids which would continue upto 3 yrs.It started from a 5g heavy dose and today it is 50 mg.In between there have been worst periods,i failed in 3rd year, severe nausea and vomiting mostly,strict diet control,hardly any travelling for leisure,and many more.With the grace of God i struggled through all this and completed my engineering with a thing i was sure that i was going to prepare for banking exams after my B.E.i failed in ibps so3,missed sbi po2014 by 0.2,could not make it to overall merit of RBI ASST,cleared ibpspo4 and SBI ASSO PO written this year.In Feb, i had my interview and G.D at SBI LHO Bandra,Mumbai on 28.i am from pune and reached mumbai on 27th.Morning 7 am on 28th i experienced chronic nausea and vomiting and had to visit a govt hospital at Bandra.I wasnt able to attend interview and returned home.I felt like a loser that day.But alas ibps po4 came to rescue.

The bottomline is we all are meant to suffer and get defeated if we wish to do something satisfactory and achieve respect.i have gone through it medically,some may go through it other way.But we all have to take it in a positive way and keep up the fight.Because life is forever changing.Congrats to everyone who made it to ibps po and clerk and those who couldn't,seize this year's opportunity and make it yours.Never ever,ever give up friends and all the best for future. This is what inspires me and i read it daily.

" At times you have to make tough choices in life,it might be the most difficult thing for you to do.But if you do it its gonna change your life.And when your lungs can't breathe,when your eyes can't see,and legs can't move,only then u will realize that its suddenly all very beautiful,worth every suffering ."   

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