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April 09, 2015

CONVICTION is what all you need to reach your DESTINY

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Dear Friends,

Hi and congratulations to all the folks who got into the IBPS recruitment. I am Pavan Kumar.  Graduated in the year 2012 from mechanical engineering with 69%.

This is not just only a success story about sharing my success but also my struggles that i made towards the success. I used to be that kind of person who seeks for success without making efforts.  I have been this way throughout my life until I left with a single option that is hard work.

After my graduation,  like all others I looked for a job and got in a small company. Though i earned less I had the satisfaction of learning new things.  But gradually my job became hell which finally made me to resign in 2014.

Nothing was in my mind after resignation, like what to do next in my life. But my parents did not scold or abused me for resigning the job, instead gave me the freedom to decide what to do. So, took my own time and finally decided to go for bank exams.  Joined in a coaching institute.  Till that instance, I used to be very lazy. But gradually as time passed I realized that nothing can be attained in this world unless efforts are put.

Thereafter,  I started writing bank exams.  But still, there was something missing in me and later I realized that it was the most powerful thing in the entire universe " SELF BELIEF ". In my perspective it is definitely the powerful weapon because nothing is impossible unless you realize you are capable of doing it. After realization, I started believing myself and slowly results began turning into my way.

I took a firm decision that I will aim at IBPS PO and Clerk leaving all other exams. Have put my soul on these two exams to clear them.  And now, after a long struggle of 6 months I cleared the IBPS PO as well as IBPS clerks in my first attempt.

These results not only gave happiness but also boosted my self confidence and made me to believe that I can do anything I want after putting necessary efforts.

I dedicate my success to my parents,  friends, relatives, Gr8Ambitionz last but not least to My Lord. Without all of your support my success would have been difficult one.

Have conviction, put all yours efforts, in fact put your life on what you want and you will achieve it eventually. 

Final scores:
  • IBPS PO - 48.0
  • IBPS Clerk - 72.0
THANK YOU and wish you ALL THE BEST :)

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