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March 22, 2015

LIC AAO Exam Review dated 21st March 2015

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Name : Subhajit Mazumder

Date : 21st march

Time : 1.15

Post : Generalist

Reasoning: moderate to easy
  • syllogism: damn easy
  • inequality:moderate
  • question from statement assumption and cause effect also( bit confusing type)
  • seating arrangement ( straight line facing north ) easy
  • puzzle seating with diff profession( dnt kno easy or tough tried two times bt cld nt
  • make it) at lost 7-8 min
  • input output: moderate...( managed bt took more than 12 min)
  • attempted total : 24-25(cld nt remember exact)
G.A :  for me bit difficult..cld attempt only 15-16
  • few questions from GA
    • capital of portugal
    • few question from budget
    • good governance day observed in rememberance on whom
    • a dead person's background(cld nt remember his name)
    • maharastra new year festival name
    • almost all ques are from current affairs
Math: moderate to easy
  • both di was damn easy bt ya lil bit time taking bt nt like po at all
  • approximation z good also
  • bt arithmetic i found it difficult cld nt take risk of attempting
  • series was moderate..out of 5 attempted 3
  • total attempt 20
Computer: damn easy attempted 30

English: attempted to qualify ques was moderate

My total attempts 89-91 (excluding English)

Hope that puzzle wld complete then cld hope fr positive)

still hoping for the best :)

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