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March 20, 2015

Interview Experience of IBPS HR Officers (Suhit V. Sarode)

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Hello Friends, I have noticed that HR Officers interview experience are very rare to find, So i am hereby sharing my Interview experience for the position of HR Officer held on 19/03.2015

Name : Suhit Sarode

Qualification : MBA -HR, BBA

Category : SC

Post : IBPS HR Officer Scale 1

Venue : Bank of Maharashtra, BKC, Mumbai

Date : 19th March 2015

Time : 8:30 AM

Panel : 3

I reached the Venue exactly at 8:30 am to find that there was alot of commotion outside bank premises dotted with crowd of Young, Well Dressed aspirants shimmering with confidence and hope, standing one step closer to achieving their dreams. I was welcomed by a chaiwala (Tea Venor) offering me a cup of tea. I checked the list just to find my number second in the list. I was called for document verification by 9:00 am sharp. I had kept all my documents arranged and ready so verification was swift without any glitches. From there i was asked to wait at the sofa adjacent to the Interview room.

It was 9:30 am already and the members of interview panel were waiting for one panelist who was late. Other members were visibly disappointed as the interview was getting delayed and they were contemplating starting the interview without the presence of one of the panellist. Then by 9:50 am the panellist reached. A young (good looking) woman who was the specialist officer on the panel. she was visibly nervous and she just rushed inside and Interview begins.

My turn came, I knocked the door gently two times and asked for permission to get in.

To my surprise there were 7 panel members out of which 2 were female (1 Old & 1 Young lady)

I wished madam and gentlemen good morning and they offered me to take a seat.

As expected the first question they asked was meaning of my name (As my name is unique) followed by few profile related questions like from where have you done MBA? What subjects you studied in Graduation etc...(Interview trick to comfort the employee) Below are the list of questions asked during the Interview.

1. What changes do you feel are required in the existing set up of HR department in banks?
A: HR are restricted to only HO & RO so we need to have dedicated HR at branch Level.

2. What are the Functions of HR Officer in a Bank? (asked by Young HR Officer Lady)
A: Answered

3. What is Adjudication? (Asked by Young HR Officer Lady)
A: Answered

4. What is Arbitration? (Asked by Young HR Officer Lady)
A: Answered

5. In a country that has so many educated unemployed youth, are services of Recruitment Consultants required? (Old Lady)
A: Answered

6. India has so many public holidays and Sundays still bank has different types of leaves (CL PL SL etc) are these leaves required over and above Sundays and Public Holidays? (Old Lady)
A: Tricky Question but i said Yes required.

7: What is Disguised Employment?
A: Heard this term for first time so I cant answer. (Panel memeber explained its meaning)

8. Would You Join a Union if Selected? (Asked by Young HR Officer Lady)
A: Again tricky question. I said yes, If i feel my stand will be better represented through union i will join one.

9. What is current banking heirarchy? (Heirarchy of Designations)
A: Answered

10.What is a role of a PO and Clerk in a Bank?
A: Answered

11.What are the activities performed by the Bank?
A: Answered

Wished them good day and left the Interview Room.

Yes Interview was good with proper balance of personal, professional, banking, application based questions. However no questions on current affairs were asked.

This is my Interview experience, I hope my experience will definetly help other HR officer aspirants in future. What i make out is, the main focus of the Interview is to check How are you in person? How you look? How you speak? What is your confidence level? What is your approach to answering questions? So it doesnt matter if your answer is right or wrong, it all depends on how you present it, what justifications you attach to your argument. So go focus more on your personality than on the theory part. They have tested our knowledge in writtens now they judge your Attitude and your persona.

I am thankful to Gr8Ambitionz and its team for their good work and i urge more HR officers to share their Interview Experiences to help our other comrades.

Thank You!
Suhit V. Sarode

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