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March 17, 2015

IBPS SO Interview Detailed Review

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Hello guys my self Ast Bhuja Pandey alias Suraj Pandey. Today on 17 March 2015 i appeared for my first government job interview. Although I had cleared various private companies interviews like ITC, Vodafone, Coalgate, etc

Here is my detailed review of interview

Date - 17/03/2015

Location- Lucknow, jbr hotel

Post - Marketing Officer

Panel - 4

Time - 1 pm

Reached venue at 11:45 o'clock they let us enter at 12 o'clock. They took us to a big hall where documents got verified. They asked who his having complete documents with all formalities can come and will get interview first . In my panel there were 24 people all r from General category. I went first for document verification. It was a young lady from Bank of Baroda. She was looking documents word by word. And meanwhile getting familiar with me.
Asked me about ECGC as it was my first preference answered all questions except number of branches.. 😋
I was 23rd, second last but as I was first to verify the document so I went early .They took us to next floor for the interview

I was waiting for my turn outside  the room sitting on the chair in front of  Attendant waiting desperately for my turn to come and getting familiar with
The attendant who was facilitating the interview. Than finally my turn came

M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 F6

 I greeted all of them as per sequence

They had already noted details about me on rough sheet

M3 you have done MBA in marketing

Me - yes from university of Lucknow

M3- Graduation in from Gorakhpur

Me yes

M3 You worked with ITC
Me - yes just for 15 months

M3 what was your job profile

Me - explained briefly

M3- last  salary  drawn

Me- told them whole salary structure

M3 - It was very good package almost double what you will get than y u left

Me - justified why left and they were satisfied

M1 - u have studied business communications so can u elaborate its significance in sales and marketing as u studied this too.

Me - I started explaining in detail than suddenly M1 interrupted.

M1 - give us bullet points.

Me - gave 4 points.

M2 - your first to preference are ECGC & IDBI why ? Someone suggested or its by your own

Me - explained to them and they were impressed with it and started smiling.

M4 - what are marketing tool

Me - 4P's

M4 - Than what is 7 P's

Me - services marketing 4 P's plus 3 P's

M4 - What are those 3 P's explain

Me-  explained

M5 - What is CSR

Me- explained in very detail

M5 - which bank is exempt from it

Me - sorry sir I forgot

M1 - Arey u just took the name just few minutes back

Me - I was thinking bmb but said sorry don't remember now

M3 - what else u doin and since when u are preparing

Me - sir teaching economics to class 11 & 12 in coaching and studying for government job since September 2014

M3 - appeared for any other xam ?

Me - told them and it's my first government job interview.

Than he asked to F6 to ask anything but she said no it's ok

Than they all wished me good luck and I left by saying thanks to all of them.

Now fingers crossed... As written was not good....

And very all d best to those who will have to appear...

My advice - just be confident, be yourself and don't try to hide or feign anything.

All d best guys.

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