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March 24, 2015

IBPS HR Specialist Officer 2014-2015 interview experience

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Name - Brahma (Assam) (Female)

Qualification - BE CSE, MBA-HR-NIT Trichy

Venue – Kolkata

Date - 19/03/2015

M1, M2, M3, M4, F5, M6

I guess M1 was HR specialist.

Greeted all the panel members with smile separately to lady panel.

M3- you are from?
Me- told.

M1: what is performance appraisal?
Me: performance appraisal is the systemic evaluation of performance of the employees, based on which decisions are taken if the employee will be promoted, demoted, bonus or transfer should be given. In short it
evaluates performance of employees.

M2: what is performance management?
Me: I am not able to recall it properly. Still I tried. He said its ok. N switched to next question.

M1: what is induction?
Me: induction are given to the newly recruited employees, so that they become aware the working culture and environment of the company where they are going to join. And the mission and vision of they company
should be transparent at the time of induction, so they the newly selected employees become more interested and do not switch the job.

M3: what is 360 degree appraisal?
Me: very confidently I replied again. Its one of the tool of performance appraisal. It has four main components they are- Peer appraisal, subordinated appraisal, superior appraisal, and customer appraisal. M1 smiled.

M3: 1 more question he asked.
Me: I said don’t know

M3: what were you doing these days?
Me- writing exams.

M3: what all you nailed?
Me: ibps po, ibps clerk, ibps rrb, (I didn’t mention sbi associated po ;) )

M3: so you definitely have interest in banking sector?
Me: yes.

M3: why do you want to join banking sector?
Me: I smiled as this is a very obvious question. Answered very confidently again.
M3: very good. U have done good research.

M2: if you are selectedin both ibps po and ibps hr, which one will you joined?
Me: I smiled again. Sir I will definitely join ibps hr as this secialized job and related to my field, I will be more involved and engaged in doing this job. M1 was also nodding his head along with my answer.

F4: forgot what she asked.

M6: do you think women are discriminated.
Me: it’s a burning issue. According to my personal view, it vary from family to family or person to person. As I have never been discriminated at home, I have got all the facilities and support from my family equivalent to my brother.

M6: what do you think according to indian society.
Me: yes sir according to indian society women are being discriminated. They are the marzinalized section in the society. So women empowerment should be given, so that they can equally walk and come up in life with their male counterparts.

M6: is there any law to protect women by government.
Me: I was struggling to answer, then he gave hint anti dowry law. Then I explained about anti dowry law in detail.

M5: what are the steps before giving punishment to employees?
Me: 1st will give warning, then if it won’t work will go with rules and regulations, still if it won’t work will give punishment.

M5: no give me the exact steps.
Me: I tried again. Then everybody was supporting me specially the HR specialist guy, your 1st step is right. She will learn with experience sir.

Finally M3(middle panel): so will you work anywhere?
Me: smiled yes sir.

M3: sure.
Me: definitely sir :)

 Thank you…fingers crossed for the final result. Hope I get selected.

All is well.

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