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March 08, 2015

General Knowledge Quiz - Set 16


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The Howrah Bridge in Kolkata is also known by another name. What is it ?

Who was known as Gurudev ?

A kind of theatre wehere Ramayana, the story, is enacted during the festival of Dussehra. Name it ?

A national park in Rajasthan is famous for its tigers. Name it ?

Name the scheme introduced by the Government of India to provide compulsory secondary education ?

What is the traditional Indian folk theatre that enacts episodes of Lord Krishna's life called ?

Name two sweets made from cottage cheese. Kolkata is famous for them ?

Name a fibre made out of cellulose of plants ?

Name the instrument used to measure the intensity of the earthquake ?

Which place is known as Bengal's Sorrow ?

Which place is known as "the City of Seven Hills" ?

What is the biological name of Rose ?

What is the solid form of resin called ?

Which type of track - dirt, sand, rubber, concrete - is the fastest ?

Name the largest hot desert in the world ?

Mark Twain changed his name. What was his original name ?

Which place is known as "the City of Golden Gate" ?

Name the Buddhist monument, famous for its stupas, located in Madhya Pradesh ?

Who was also known as "the Iron Man of India" ?

In which wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan does on see medieval temples of Garh-Rajor belonging to the 10th or the 11th Centuries ?
Rajarajeshwari. M

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  2. hiii when the ibps is going to announce ibps clerks marks??

  3. Million dollar question :)

    IBPS always luv to give surprises. You can expect it at anytime

  4. FOR IBPS SO Interview If anyone is having dual specialization in MBA degree, then do we need any extra document to verify that or just the last year marksheet is enough as subjects are specified on that...!! as in my case my major was HR and minor Finance..!! PLZ HELP..!!

  5. Allways nice posts from gr8 team

  6. Mostly by Monday

  7. Last year marks sheet / final certificate is enough.

  8. Gr8 shed some light on Indian History too...

  9. Very very very useful....
    thanks a lot

  10. hi! friends ibps cl iv interview result kab ayega

  11. Even i think so...but many people are saying that i should better have an acknowledgement letter from my college that Hr is my major subject .


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