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February 19, 2015

Interview Exeperience Of Officer (Scale 1) in Saurashtra Gramin Bank


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Name : Shingadiya Bhavin J.

Post : Officer Scale 1

Venue :
Saurashtra Gramin Bank
Head Office,
Rajkot. Gujrat

Date : 17th Feb, 2015
Time : 1:30 PM

I reached the venue at 1 p.m. There were 2 panels , one for office assistant and other for officers. Document verification started by around 2pm During , and it completed near 4pm of all candidates.
There were total 20 candidates on that date.. i am 15th in panel. Then after,my turn came. It was 6:30 p.m.

Bell Rang and I entered into the room. I wished good evening  to everyone. There were 4 males only  no female.

M1 : Shingadiya Bhavin?
ME: yes sir..

M1: so u frm junagadh?
ME: no sir , i am frm manavadar, taluka near junagadh.

M1 : ok. i had visited ur city one time..
ME: ok sir.. (with smile)

M1: so which garden is famous in manavadar(in my city)
ME:Give name I said mahadeviya (dont know proper name of garden)

M1: he asked what it?
ME: sir it it temple of lord shiva

M1: ok. asked me about my family..
ME: answered about my father job and all my family members.

M1: ok. when u have completed B.E? and frm where?
ME:in 2013 frm jamnagar also give name of colleage.

M1: then u try for private job?
ME: no sir. I want job in banking sector.

now M2

M2:ok. What is bank?
ME: Answered.
M2: which types of banks in india?
ME: give all names

M2: so bhavin u join classis for bank preparation?
ME:yes sir.. for 2 month.

M2:  where?
Me: in my city.

M2: who handle it?
ME: Clerk of BOI of manavadar branch..(also give name)

M2:he frm?

M2: he studied all subjects?
ME: No sir.. only math and reasoning.

M2: ok. then frm where u have studied english?
ME: sir. solved old papers and with help of friends.

M2: ok

Now he move his face to M3..
he asked no questions and last M4.. all in gujarati(my local language)
but i write in hindi so all can understand..

M4: bhavin aap kabhi SGB me gaye he?
ME: no sir.. pehale kabhi nahi.. aaj subah hi ek bar gaya tha...(waha office ke samne hi branch thi..)

M4: ok. aapaka acc. kis branch me he?
ME: in sbi.

M4:aapane esake pahle koi interview diya he?
ME: yes sir.. before three days ..

M4 : kis ka?
ME:sir.. nationlise clerk ka?

M4: kaha tha ? or kesa raha?
ME:sir.. ahemedabad me.. or acha raha

M4:ok.. u can go now..
ME:thanks sir.. and leave..

The whole conversation took around 9-10 minutes.

All the best friends for your upcoming interviews..

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  1. Thanks bro

    good luck

  2. What is your score Bhavin??

  3. hi frnz... can any tell me the time taken to reach vidya jyoti institute of technology from secundrabad station??

  4. Marks kite the
    Asstiance in general category me call kite number valo ko aayi h

  5. Satyannarayana YedlaFebruary 19, 2015 at 9:58 PM

    Thank you.

  6. What about either??? BOTH conclusn r wrong.. wont comes under either option????

  7. Plz share interview experience of NIA Ao..

  8. प्रलयनाथ गुंडास्वामीFebruary 19, 2015 at 10:17 PM

    a6a intervw tha bhai sahab aapka

  9. ksi ne oriental ka nitifcatn dekha hai kya??

  10. vai attempt kitne the?m frm odisha

  11. hi samip..ur no of attempts?

  12. attempts kitne the thik se yaad nahi he its better to wait as marks are going to be announced by IBPS in a few days..Sorry:(

  13. Either for -- both follows
    Neither -- not follows

  14. Friends.. Can anyone help me.. What to do
    I have both the exams on the same date
    .. Nabard and gic...

  15. That is wrong.. Let me know the answer for this one..
    Statements: Some grapes are potatoes.
    Some potatoes are mangoes.
    Conclusions: I. All potatoes are grapes.
    II. Some grapes are mangoes.
    III. Some mangoes are potatoes.
    IV. No grape is a mango.
    (1) Either III or IV and II follows
    (2) Either II or IV and III follows
    (3) Either I or IV follows.
    (4) Only II, III and IV follows
    (5) None of these

  16. Good morning dosto aaj mera happy birthday hai

  17. bhai tamaro score su che ?

  18. either means -- any one of the conclusion is follows 1or 2
    similarly neither

  19. Sorry nt getng yr point.. Please xplain it in above xample

  20. No.. 4th is also wrong.. NO means , any negative statement is possible.. positive statement is not possible.. PLEASE CORRECT IT..

  21. neither is used -- when both NOT followed
    either is used ---- both of the conclusion follows
    from the above example
    answer is none follows

  22. fantastic............................ really great ..................... thank you and all the best.....

  23. ohk yar...all d best...result(writtn) may b in first week of march

  24. please share nia ao experience

  25. u wear purple shirt and cream pent in interview...

  26. he got 98 or 99 i guess

  27. My interview experience of ibps at maharashtra bank pune

    There are five member in panel....

    I reached 12.00 pm
    My interview was start at 2.o clock

    Me:-i enterd in interview i
    Greeted to sir and madam
    And my intrview start
    M1: introduced yourself
    Me: i answerd
    M1:mr satish what is a democracy and how it is beneficial to us
    Me: i answerd in detail with referance to both house loksabha and rajyasabha..
    M2:Ask me about having bank account and in which it usefull to me
    Me: answerd
    M2: He asked me about function of bank
    Me:i answerd but in between M4 inturuppt
    M4: what is mean by collatterd security
    Me: i answerd with example of agricutural loan and land as as collatral security
    F3: she asked me about BEP.CHEQUE.differance bet cost account and charter accountant and about Audit.
    And last M5: asked me about my hobby.IT ACT , And how IT important in banking sector
    ME: I answed with example of Atm, online banking , mobile banking, etc

    So such type my interview waiting for result hope so i will be there in final result..


  28. final result aawi gyu... u r out...


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