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February 19, 2015

General Knowledge Quiz - Set 3


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  • Who was the founder of the Mughal Empire in India ?
  • How many letters does the German alphabet have ?
  • The word "Slam" is associated with which sport ?
  • What is that region in space called from which nothing escapes or enters ?
  • What is a large group of musicians playing different musical instruments together is called ?
  • Which was the only Grand Slam title Pete Sampras never won ?
  • In which country do Sheffield Shield games take place ?
  • How many times did Geet Sethi win the IBSF World Billiards title ?
  • India is the biggest producer of which kind of nuts ?
  • Name the oldest known string instrument in India. Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma is an exponent of it ?
  • What is a group of musicians that play musical instruments and sing together is called ?
  • Who received the Wisden Award for the "Indian Cricketer of 20th Century" ?
  • What are forests that are dense and receive large amount of rainfall called ?
  • Who was the first person to go into space ?
  • Which is the national fruit of India ?
  • Which team is also called "Kangaroos" ?
  • What does "Tetra" mean ?
  • What is the chemical name of Sand ?
  • Who was the founder of the Bose Corporation ?
  • What is the expanded form of LPG ?
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Rajarajeshwari. M

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  1. continue no issues kindly give me justification i dont want venn diagrams
    but kindly explain i didnt get those how they are getting

  2. see bro for that u need to know the rules

    iam explaining the first one

    All people are bags
    All bags are clothes
    No cloth is a level

    1.All clothes are people
    2.some people are not clothes
    3.neither I nor II follows
    see explaintion __
    FOR Conclusion 1.
    from 1& 2
    we will ALL+ ALL --- ALL
    all people are clothes
    but in implication ALL--> SOME
    for conc 2.
    from 3
    no conclusion is the answer
    from 1+2
    then 2 +3 -- we get no conclusion
    so answer is neither follows

  3. some + all what happens
    some not + all means

  4. Some + all -- some
    Some not + any thing --- no conclusion

  5. explain any possible conditions..and atleast statement and conclusion..

  6. for possibility conditions__
    1.IF all A are B -- some B are NOT A is possibility
    2.some B are NOT A -- all A are B is possibility
    3.some A are B means -- all A are B
    all B are A possibility A are B -----
    NO B are A ----- ALL are possiblity

  7. Hello every one,Here,I am sharing my interview experience
    center:Southern Banks staff training center,shankar math road,bangalore
    panel: VI TIME:1 PM
    My verification completed at 2 PM and gave white sheet to write essay on any topic.I wrote about Bharata ratna Sir M.Vishweshwaraya and told to wait for my turn.There 21 candidates out which hardly three to four people from karnataka and four candidates were absent out 25 candidates and all other candidates from other states

    There are four interview members M1,M2,M3 and F1(female)

    M1:your are from?
    me: told
    M1:tell me where your working and experience?
    M1:why do you want join comercial bank?
    M1: what is outsourcing?
    M1: what is software?
    me told
    then passed M1 to F1
    F1: tell any five former or current female CMs from India?
    me:told more than five.
    F1: What is NABARD?

    then passed F1 to M2(friendly member)
    M2: why u chosen canara bank as your first preference?
    me:told like it is one of the leading bank in karnataka and in india as well and also more number of branches it has in karnataka.
    M2: what arsikere famous for?(it is my taluk)
    me:famous for coconut trading.
    M2: what is the difference b/w termed deposit and RD?
    me:explained very well.
    M2:Is there canara bank in arsikere?
    me: yes sir
    M2: So,that's why u opted canara bank?
    me:no sir,not like that but I am ready to work any where.
    M2: who found canara bank?
    me:said Subbarao pai and also told him I have seen, there is a statue of the founder in front of canara bank head office.for that he told good it is there.
    M2: do you know who ambassador of canara bank?
    me: is shikar dhavan cricketer.
    M2:Is he performing well?
    me: yes sir he is performing well in world cup and performed well against pakistan.
    M2: good.

    and then passed M2 to M3:
    M3 straight away starts conversion in Kannada because I am from Karnataka.
    M3: do you know famous dam in Hassan district?
    me: yes sir I know.It is gorur dam for hemavati river.
    M3: what arsikere famous for?(again he asked in kannada)
    me: said same thing for coconut.
    M3: what about tiptur?
    me:it is also famous for coconut(this place also famous for coconut trade)
    M3:Doddametikorke also famous for coconut trade?
    me: yes sir. and Doddametikorke also belongs to Arsikere taluk only(doddametikorke is place and it is 15 KM away from Arsikere town)
    M3: What is Computer?
    me: told.
    M3: will you work any where in Karnataka?
    me: yes sir, I am ready to work anywhere.
    M3: Ok good u done very well and all the best

    every told all the best asked to take chocolate and took it and wished them and left the room.
    they are very friendly except M1 who is very strict but did not asked much question about Banking.they just required my family background more.
    That's all guys hope for the best and all the best for u all.

  8. You will be in. All the best Koustubh. Thanks for sharing ur experiance here.

  9. really goods ..thanks ga team................for gk quiz..................its really helps in updating us......


  11. Hi, when written exam marks will come?

  12. after 4 to 5 days after interview..

  13. so gooooodddd... m loving it :D

  14. Thanks for sharing your experience, I hope you get in, all the very best

  15. Thank you Jalaraj...

  16. I hope so. Thanks for the support n all the best to u too

  17. Wow nice one. All the best

  18. You said they were impressed by your answer to this question " If we select you how it will be benefited for us .. ?? " . shall i know what is your answer .. ?? And anyways seems your interview was good .. and all the best for the result :)

  19. Anyone have NIA Ao interview. ....plz share your experience.. ...

  20. results kb declare honge written ke and intervw ke

  21. sir ibps so it expected cut off any guesses??

  22. hey tell me about 5th column in biodata after nationality they given father and mother what is that is it nationality of them or names????

  23. Write nationality not names

  24. I said about usefulness of computers n also other key areas lyk prob solving decision making interaction with ppl etc tht we hv gone thru till nw.. just elaborate properly

  25. helo interview was also on 17th at 1 pm panel 5....i was 9 in the list... :)

  26. k what about that in column 9 how to fill that and subject studied in each semester is almost 6 to 8 what to write there???

  27. Is OBC declaration form necessary in biodata form if we dont belong to Bc?

  28. In reference column wheter we hav 2 gve bank person or it shud be 4m other organization

  29. .agar hum english opt karte ha tu gd mae hindi mae bol sakte ha english mae ha gd..

  30. can be any1 from any organization.

  31. sir you have uploaded as jan 2014 current affairs,but the page seems to be 2015.
    please make a change in heading


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