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February 15, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Saurabh (Noida)


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Name : Saurabh Singhal

Education : B.Com

Date : 13/02/2015

Time : 1:00PM

Panel : IV

Venue: Bank Of India Staff Training College, Sandipani, B-32, Sec-62 Noida


I reached the centre at 12:00 PM via Metro and then i took an auto from Noida City Centre. As soon as i reached, a white paper showing your name and roll no is signed at the entrance gate, and then guards told me to go towards hall and sit there.
After that sir calls  the candidates panel wise, and when my turn comes, i have told to go to another room for document verification
And after Paper verification, they told me all the best and wait for your turn in another room.
Remember carry all your documents, because paper verification is very strict
My turn came around 2:20 PM (I think please god be with me) and as soon as i entered the room, i said may i come in sir
The said come in
I said good afternoon sir, good afternoon mam
They said good afternoon, please have a seat
There are 4 male members and 1 female
Then the person sitting in the middle asked me "Ok saurabh from where are you?"
Me: replied
while seeing my papers, he said from which college you have graduated
Me: Replied that i have done graduation through correspondence
M1:Why correspondence?
Me: Replied
M2: Then why dont you migrate to a regular college?
Me: replied
M1:He asked me what is PMJDY and how it is related with Subsidy, which is popular nowadays.
Me: Replied
M1:Then he asked me what is KYC?
Me: Replied and then he asked what is Money laundering?
Me: Replied, but then he asks me why people are indulge in converting black money into white money
Me: Because so that they can use such money in some illegal businesses
M1: Where is that money is used?
Me: confused and thinking
M2: help me and said this money can be used for terrorist activities through banking channels
Then a silent observer who is sitting at extreme left asked me: one of your subject is accounts, then tell me where are losses are shown in balance sheet
Me: Confused and i related loss with debtor
Female Member: correcting me sir is asking about business loss
Me: replied mam, as profit increases the capital, similarly losses decreases the capital
I think she is satisfied
Then M4: What is consumer Surplus?
Me: thinking and i said sorry sir, but i dont know
Then they said OK Saurabh, you may go now and all the best for your career
I said thank you sir
Have a good day Sir, Have a good day Mam

This is my interview experience and hoping for the best.

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