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February 17, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Ram (Guntur)


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Hi friends I am a silent reader of Gr8 Ambitionz  website and here I am sharing my  interview experience of IBPS Clerk 4 which was held on 16th February 2015. I hope this will be helpful to those, who are appearing for interviews

Name : G. Ram

Venue : Guntur,  Andhra Pradesh

Date : 16-02-2015

Time : 8.30 AM

Qualification : B.Tech CSE

  I reached the venue exact at 8.20 AM already some members waiting in room and officers gave a white paper and write any topic 5 to 6 line in Telugu only  . because they are checking only local language skills.
Certificate verification started and they are very strict about certificates.
my  verification was completed and waiting for interview
finally my  turn was came
Bell was rang…………
There were four  members  F1, M1, M2, M3,
All were aged persons around 50 +
I entered ….
Me : May I come in sir
M1 : come in  (In telugu)
Me : Thank You sir ….
M1 : sit down (in telugu )
M1 : What is your Qualification
Me:  Answered…………….
M1: Year of Passing…?
Me :  Replied
M1: how many bro/sis you have..?
Me : Replied
M1 : what is you father do ?
Me : replied
M1 : Do you have any land ?
Me : Replied ….
F1: what is you father do ? (again same question )
Me : answered again
M2: what is RAM and its functionality ?
Me : I told it is a temp storage and volatile memory……….
M2: then what type of devices they store data permanently ?
Me :  sir  hard disk provide permanently storage of data and there is a two types internal and external
M2 : ok  good  then bank have large amount of data like accounts and staff de tails and financial details they store how and where ?
Me : banks have  installed server and it reside  it in one place and data stored in large databases
M2 : which company provide that databases?
Me : sir there are lot of companies for example one of the cbs software FINACLE
Finance + Oracle in this oracle provide data base
M2 : How they provide security for that data ?
Me :  sir there companies provide security  banks give maintenance  to companies
M2 : what are the security threads should banks have ?
Me : sir today we have lot of security measures for data maintenance   for example we using internet websites they have SSL  technology providing  security on hacking   ….
M1:ok …
M1  : today lot of issues  on  data corrupted  . what is that ?
Me :  a lot of reasons on that sir they have any changes and any deletions ……………
M1: which persons they modified data ? what are the ways ?
Me : sir they are hacking and phishing  …
M2: more …..
Me : sory I don’t know  unable to relocate now
M2: its ok not problem…….. what is hacking and phishing ?
Me : replied  but little bit confusing.
Again m1 …
M1:    what is priority sector lending .?
Me :  replied  ….. weaker sections…..agriculture , msme , housing , education  …
M1 : agriculture is the weaker section ? they have lot of employment  …
Me: yes sir they have lot of problems facing sir on loans and other issues ?
M1 : farmers are  facing problems on loans why ?
Me: yes sir they facing lot of problems  because of they rules and other issues …
M2:  what are the security then accesing computer ?
Me : im confusing now but answered about  authentication  ids and passwords
M2:  what is firewall ?
Me : answered  it is prevention the unauthorized access ?
M2 : ok  we are aged persons  we forgot  password  then how to retrieve my passwords ?
Me :  they have lot ways for example at the time registration we gave the security questions  and answeres ?
M2:  another way?
Me:  sir they lot of password carking software but there is no guarantee  to  get exact password .. sir
M2 : ok   I am take a photo in one of the studio  I am not  wearing any  coat  but  I want  a passport photo like wearing a suite how ?
Me:  sir there is a technology  … morphing sir
M3 : what is morphing ?
Me :  answered 
M2 :  how they morphing photos ?
Me: sir today we having a lot of  morphing software’s in the market  for example photoshop and its advance versions…………..
M3:  ok  you heard about internet marriages they send morphed photo  but there is no that face in real time how they prevent ?
Me :  sir today technology improving then equally improved danger  issues marriages are not safe in internet  they have lot of trust in real time ………
F1 : then  what are the uses of advanced technology ?
Me : madam today advanced technology  they have lot of uses as well as lot of dangers we have ………….
M2 : interrupted  and     you facing how many interviews ?
Me:  sir this is my first interview .
M2: how many exams you written ?
Me : said .
M2: why ………….?
Me : sir I am  poor in English sir
M2 : ok  which bank  you select  as first preference ?
Me : sir its Andhra bank ………….
M1: ok you can go ……..
Me : Thank you sir ……………

Friends maintain smile whole interview  I am not satisfied with my interview
Be prepare  banking and you subjects also 

Thank you …………..

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  1. Is pass certificate of class 10th and 12th necessary for the interview??

  2. When this clerk int ll be over?

  3. what is the last date for interviews?

  4. When will apgb releases os 1 results

  5. How many marks for intervw in rrbs?

  6. When did u completed b tech ram

  7. Hi Ram.when did u complete your B.Tech and what if you have answered if they ask u about the gap..

  8. ThulasiRam GanganaguntaFebruary 18, 2015 at 9:37 AM

    preparing + part time job

  9. For me it's a nice interview.more number of questions they asked u.

  10. ThulasiRam GanganaguntaFebruary 18, 2015 at 2:20 PM

    nice but i am satisfied i am not expected those questions
    but try it
    your s interview when and where ?

  11. i can give one advice, though u r smiling, or serious, it wil nt make much difference, u should not be kept blank. if the interview is taking more time, chances of passing interview is less
    so what u have to do is, when the question rises tel wht ever u know, but be prepared of telling the answer, like " if the question is " what is bank" all will answer like bank is that which attracts and lends, but what my suggestion is" a bank is that which attracts and lends, it gives intrest on deposit accounts like savings account, which is differ from current account, and lends for intrest to loan accounts,then they wil say ok ok, stop, and if he wants to ask another qustion then they wil ask what is current account, here we are not expecting, we are clearing the brains of them, to ask what we are expecting, coz they wil have some questions in a random order, if we stop giving the answer in a line, they wil ask a question from randomly listed ones. so dont give chance for them. grab their time and grasp their brains, all the best guys


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