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February 17, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Veena (Coimbatore)

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Name : Veena. B

Interview Date : 16/02/2015

Place : IOB regional office, Coimbatore

Panel : 4

Time : 1 PM

Hi friends I would like to share my interview experience. Interviewers were so friendly. As per roll number I was the last candidate of my panel. Certificate verification completed by 3pm. Interview was going for a long time. Being the last candidate had to wait for a long time. 

            around 5 pm they gave us a paper and said to write about a topic from the list of topics they gave. All other candidates before me had interview for 10 to 15 mts. My turn came at 6.05 pm. Being the last candidate was really an advantage. 3 male members and a lady member were interviewers.

Only 2 male members questioned me. As soon as I entered. Whole conversation in tamil
M1- so r u Tamil r Malayalam
Me- Telugu
M1- gave a smile. Not both.fine
Give ur introduction
Me- started with my name, family, place
M1-stoped and asked if I am from Andhra as I was Telugu
Me- said no and explained
M2- said ya ya people from that place converse mostly in Telugu
M1- took the paper I had written and asked if I learnt Tamil as 2nd language
Me- no sir, my 2nd language is Kannada. Learnt Tamil in school days and it was useful now. All panel members started smiling
M2- differenc between rtgs and neft
Me- answered
M2- difference between pledge and hypothecation
Me- answered but interchanged them
M2- u know the concept but u r tensed. Dnt wry. And explained
M1- you know general knowledge and current affairs
Me- yes sir
M1- who is the former governor of RBI
Me- answered as Subbarao
M1- ya ya correct. Its D.subbarao
M1- who is the former governor of kerala
Me- could not remember the name all of a sudden
M1- laughed and said if you don't answer I ll minus 10 marks
Me- its a lady. And I remeberd sheila dikshit
M1-who is the only lady president of India

Tats al..interview got over in hardly 5 to 6 minutes compared to all other candidates.  Seriously friends panel members were really friendly and dint want us to get tensed. So dnt be tensed and answer what you know with confidence.. All the best. :) go through some general topics like governors , ministers also .

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