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February 20, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Mohit (Dehradun)


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COMMENT regarding interview : 2-3 times panel said aap hindi me baat kariye (Can you speak in hindi) then I talked in hindi, they said we don’t have problem but since I applied from uttarakhand so hindi is a must.
Sometimes they check your confidence level regardless of what you are saying.

Name : Mohit Dhingra

Place : Malik Bhawan, Malik Chowk, Opposite BOB Regional Office, Dehradun 

Date : 12th February 2015

Time : 8:30 AM 

Panel - 4


I reached  the location on time
Arranged the photocopies of the documents as directed by the instructer
We were given an A4sheet in which we have to write 8-10 lines on a topic (out of 3 topics) given the instructor in local regional language (in my state local language is hindi).
My topic was : Benefits of Net Banking
So wrote it comfortably
Interview begun at 9:15 AM and I was 10th to be interviewed
At 10:50 my turn came finally and by 10:59 AM I came out from interview room.
There were 5 members in the panel(4M and 1F)
As the entered the room 1 male member was roaming near the enterance I wished him good morning sir, then I wished good morning ma’am and good  morning sir(by looking at all of them).
M1: good morning
They didn’t say sit down
I sat down without asking their permission(a mistake)


M1: Kahan se belong karte ho(from where do you belong)
ME: I am from Dehradun.
 M2: aapke parents kya karte hai(what your parents do?)
ME: replied  father businessman, mother homemaker


M2: Mohit you wrote about Net Banking tell me two benefit of net banking for the employees of bank
ME Replied: Less burden of work, minimum paper work, time saving
M2: good
M1: financial inclusion ke bare me batao?(Tell us about financial inclusion)
M1: acha who ek word me batao ki inclusion ko hindi me kya kehte hai
ME: sir daayra(I was not  able to recall exact hindi word)
ME: tried again sir samaaj ke har warg ke logo ko financial services provide karana.
M1: one word just, i,e joodna(to add on)
ME: thank you sir

M3:aapne kya kiya hua hai(What have you done)
Me: answered

F: Do you know about Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha?
Me: yes Mam
F: how much strength is in lok sabha?
F: how many seats from Uttaraakhand
F:How the members of Rajya Sabha are selected?
ME: 12 members are nominated by the president , rest are nominated by the political parties

M4:have you heard about check dishonor , in which case the account holder gets the jail and under which section of the law?
ME: explained  but I said sorry sir I am not sure about the section of the law.

M2: do you know it’s a valentine week which day is today?
ME: Sorry Sir I don’t know (although I knew it was hug day-12th feb but I didn’t say)
M4: You know about lok sabha, how the speaker of lok sabha get  selected
ME: Sir ruling party which has majority nominates the name to the president, then president gives the consent
M1:Does anyone have any question?
Others say no
M1: we are done mohit would you like to have some sweet?
Me: I took one toffee and say thank you sir
Wish them Have a nice day sir, have a nice day ma’am.
And left the room
Good interview experience they were very cooperative and  polite.

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  1. i have 68 in ibps po ph -oc category cutoff 61 any chance?

  2. All the best bro.. Im too frm Ddun

  3. Apgb os1 final results out

  4. brother i have 68 in ibps po ph-oc category and cutoff 61 any chance?

  5. Me ST +PWD +JK MIGRANT +PARENTS 1984 RIOT VICTIMS SCORE 110, batao mere chance

  6. so you mean to say that you are a physically challenged guy from the BAKARWAL tribe of J&K (as it's the only listed ST of J&K as per constitution ... ) who courtesy of his parents job came down from the hilly village of the valley and relocated to delhi sometime before the year 1984 and got stuck in the violence..

    you and Family were so much shattered that you decided to go back to the VALLEY in between 1987 and 1989 and as soon as you rejoined the mainstream, you were struck by the peril of terrorism and had to leave the valley again ...

    Boy, don't bother about 110 marks... the scale of your shear misfortune might get you the job. In other scenario Just try to sell your life's story to some bigwig bollywood movie house. you would get ample money for the script + royalities to even bother about a mere banking job...

    P.S : please try to know the quota before bragging about it .. it's the compassion shown by the govt. towards the needy ones and not to be mocked about ... I am sorry for fiddling in your business but was reading the same comment from you some 3rd or 4th time directed at some ignorant fellow, so thought to enlighten ...

  7. Last year onè of my friend got toffee from interviewer and he got 50 marks. So as far as I knw it is not good sign if u got toffee. Gud luck

  8. Lets hope for the best bro

  9. its a false belief

  10. Should ibps fail the candidate in interview

  11. As far as I know they give minimum 40 to each candidate unless you perform really bad in the interview
    As per ibps guide lines...

    All the best bro

  12. Thanks Mohit actually got tens after interview


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