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February 18, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Satyendra (Dehradun)

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Name : Satyendra Singh

Venue : Malik Chowk, Dehradoon

Date : 16-Feb-2015

Panel : 1

Language for communication used : Hindi. As I am much comfortable with Hindi

I was the last in Panel. 23rd. I knew they must be tired and they will not take much time on me. But I think they took enough time.

The panel consisted of 5 members out of which there was 1 lady member.

I entered the room and forgot to wish them as I was focusing on other things like my face smile etc. (Don't do that. Try to stay calm.)

M1: So you have done B.Tech.
Me: Yes, Sir. B.Tech in Mechanical Engg.

M1: So what do you think is the role of mechanical engineer?
Me: Explaained a lot that Engg should be good manager, designing field, production field, construction field. (But he still looked unsatisfied. Don't know what he wanted to listen)

M1: Tell us about your family.
Me: Told.

M1: You have done job. But left. Why?
Me: Explained.

M1: Didn't you get any hike in salary?
Me: Explained.

M2: Tell us about CNC (Mechanical Background).
Me: Explained.

M2: Knurling?
Me: Sir, I don't have any interest in production field. You can ask me anything from any other subject.

M2: Leave it.
Passed to M3.

M3: So you have done job in Punjab?
Me: Yes sir. In Bathinda.

M3: Okay what is the meaning of Punjab?
Me: Sorry sir. I dont know.

M1: He is from Uttarakhand. Let us ask him about Uttarakhand only.

M3: It is called Punjab as 5 rivers flow in that area.
Me: Thanks for the info sir.

M3: Okay. What is the meaning of Uttarakhand.
Me: Explained all about it. Why named changed etc.

M1: But Why BJP govt named it as Uttaranchal?
Me: Sir it was an idea that came to BJP only. Uttar ka aanchal. That is all I know about it.

M3: Okay tell us the names of famous rivers. (I have prepared for it a lot)
Me: Told.

M3: Names of famous religious places.
Me: Told about Chota Char Dham, Haridwar.

M3: Any other religion? Sikh?
Me: Roop kund, Hem kund.

M3: Any other? Muslim?
Me: (Thought a bit.) Sorry sir. I can't remember any right now.

Lady: Okay tell us about CIBIL? Have you heard the name?
Me: Explained that it gives the credit rating etc..

Lady: How it gives the rating? ( I thought now it is a good question.)
Me: Tried to explain that a link is given in the site and we can get credit rating from there.

Lady: How about bad ratings? Who have previously taken loans and not repaid?
Me: Mam I think banks share their data with the rating agency.

Lady: Okay.

Now the Last member.

M4: Best of Luck.
Me: Sir?

M4: You can go now. You did well. Best of Luck for your result.
Me: Laughing. Oh! Thanks you all. Thank you very much. (As I have not wished them at starting I gave emphasis on my exit)

At all. Very easy interview level than PO. Focused mainly on general knowledge. Not much cross questioning. i was feeling well as soon as they start questioning me. However I forgot to wish them. But after that. I did well.

In PO interviews they try to make you say what they want. In this interview they listened much.

Best of Luck to all aspirants and many many thanks to Gr8ambitionz for such a platform.

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