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February 18, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Naveen (Lucknow)

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Hi friends, I am Naveen Garg. I had my IBPS Clerks IV Interview at Lucknow, JBR, 17th (Panel 7). Here is my Interview Review. 

Reached 8.30. Firstly they asked to arrange all documents and give a paper to write 2-3 lines in Hindi only(any topic). I wrote todays (17th Feb 2015) news paper headlines about yuvraj :P.
Then verification started.....i dont know how but the mam verifying documents asked " tum ibps PO intvw k liye b aaye the" i said yes mam...then she asked marks and intvw kaisa hua. It was a bit surprise for me as i didnt see her during my Ibps PO intvw :D :P.
Documents done till 10 am. Now wait started for intvw.

My turn came at 11. Entered by asking permission.
There were 5 members. 4 male 1 female. Wished all of them.

Asked to sit and i said Thank you.

M1 - So lucknow se ho.
Me- No sir, hometown is mathura but dad bank main hai to transfer hota rehta h.

M1- Which Bank
Me- I told

M1 - Engineering kaha se kiya ....BE n Btech main kya difference hai.
Me- I told Raj Univ . and the differecne b/w two is that in BE there is 1 year of foundation course with basic subjects(not core branch subjects).

M1 - 2008 main passout ho...kya kiya itne time
Me- Told about my private jobs and freelancing work

M1- Ye first intvw hai.?
Me - No sir...abhi 23 jan ko hi ibps  PO b diya

M1 - Score ?? I told 82...he said margin par hai :P..clerk kaisa hua??
Me- Clerk better hua sir 156 attempts.

M1- Good. What is hacking and how to prevent it?
Me - Unauthorized access to someone computer and stealing data. Can be prevented by Firewall, and internet security softwares.

M1 - Kuch saal pehle....America main 1 banks se billion $$ gayab ho gaye the...aur logo k accounts main jama ho gaye the....kaise hua tha ye?
Me - (kya puch rahe ho yar :( ) Sir, hackers try to search for ports to take an entry into a system. (pata nhi par kuch to explain kiya)

M1 - Pune main b hua tha..i said pata nhi sir

M1 passed to M2 - Associates banks and subsidiary banks main difference kya hota h?
Me - told definition...
but they said ye to definition h....difference batao...Given Hint but i said sorry sir

M3 - Tangiblle and intangible assets btao
Me - Explained with eg

F1- Hobbbies kya hain?
Me - Cricket , cooking, gadgets

F1 - 1983 world cup team k kuch players k name batao
Me - I told 6-7 then she said ok ok kaafi hain :D

F1 - Dilip kumar ko abhi kaunsa award mila h.
Me- Sorry mam i dont know

F1 - Amitabh Bachhan ko ??
Me- (thoda socha fir yaad aaya ) Padma Vibhushan :D

Then M1 said Thank you. You may go now. I said thanku and wished them 'Have a nice day'.

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