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February 14, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Priyadharshini (Madurai)


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Name : Priyadharshini

Qualification : BCA

Place : IOB, Regional Office, Madurai 

Date : 10-02-2015

Time : 1.00 PM

Panel: IV.

I went 12.00 PM, sharply 1PM they called for Document verification.
All members was Jovial. But Strictly verifying the Marksheet, Identification Proof.
And after that we are waiting at the Hall.
I am the Last person of my Panel.
They called me around 5.30 PM.
3 Gen, 1 Ladies
Me: May i get in sir?
G1: Come in..
Me: Thank you sir, & Wished every sirs and Mam..
G2: Ok. Pls take ur seat.
Me: Thank you sir, and seated.
G1: Tell us urself?
Me: Tell in brief..I am xxx. I did my school at xxx..and After that I graduated From xxx in BCA.
and My father is working inxxx. my mother is home maker. I have Two sisters.
L1: Younger or elder?
Me : Younger mam & she is studying..
L1 : Why no higher studies?
Me : answerd.
G1: Are u still working? (I mentioned i am working in private sector)
Me: Yes Sir.
G1: What is the role of your job:
Me: I explained.
G1: Is the Good job, and u get in promotion , then why you choosing bank?
Me: Yes sir, but compared with a private sector, public sector la Lot of opportunity  as well as career i m choosing banking.
G1: Are you willing to enter banking?
Me : Yes sir.
G2: What is DBMS? & primary features?
Me: Explained (But some points forgetten)
G3: What are the products manufactured in Your company?
Me: Explained (he is amazing..oh..really...)
G3: Were the products is importd?
Me: No sir.
G4: Your company chief? and qualities?
ME: Explained.

Overall Satisfied with my answer.

Totally time take 10-15 minutes. i am preparing all banking terms and current affairs,
but they did not asked me.

Only they watch us behavior, attitude, responsible...

First i have little nervous..after 2 minutes i came normal...

Please dont mugup...All The Best

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  1. Thanks a lot... nice interview... all the best

  2. wat abt regional language writing?


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