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January 21, 2015

Today's IBPS PO IV Interview Experience


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Name : Vijay Krishna

Interview Date : 21-01-2015

Venue : SV University, Tirupati

Panel : II

Session : Afternoon Time 1 pm

First of all my warm wishes to all the Friends who qualify PO test all the best with your interviews

Coming to my interview i arrived at center by 12.50 pm and certificate verification was over by 1.15pm

I was 9th member in the list and one person was absent so my turn was 8th.

Interviews started by sharp 2 pm and my turn came at 3.20pm

I seeked them permission to enter into the room with gentle smile
They said, yeah come in

After entering into the room i wished mam first and sirs next and went near the chair they didnt said any thing i waited for 3 to 4 sec

Then the head of the panel said take your seat
I said thank you sir and sat down
(there are 5 members in the panel 1mam & 4 sir's)
M1:Head of the panel
M2:Techincal (mam)
M4:Banking too

After seeing My documents Main sir told you are from Computers background right  ?
I said yes sir then he pointed to Mam and told her to ask questions

M2: which college you studied from
me: answerd

M2:  what is mean by cache memory ?
me: answerd a bit about virtual memory all stuff

M2: is it stored in main memory or secondary memory ?
me : mainmemory mam

M2: what is mean by virtual memory ?
me: answerd

M2: tell me hierarachy of Registers ?
me: sorry mam i Don't know
she has given chance to head of panel again

the sir viewed my application again and asked u have passed out in 2011 what have u done in
the mean time
me: told what i have done and said i have taken banking as my career sir
he asked is it by force or by heart
me: by heart only sir
sir laughed and given the chance to next sir he is M3

M3: what are the electronic stuff used in banking
Me: mobile banking, internet banking, ATMs, computers

M3:how do we transfer money ?
me: we can transfer money through NEFT,RTGS and IMPS

M3:what is NEFT ?
me: told the abbrevation 

M3:what is RTGS?
me :told abbrevation again

M3: what is the difference b/w these two ?
me: sir, by using NEFT funds will be transferd in batches where as by using RTGS funds will be transferd real time 

M3:what is mean by advances?
me: by mistake i said loans sir  

M3: what are the types of loans?
me: housing loans,education loans, termloans, demand loans

M3: what is mean by term loans and demand loans ?
me: demand laons means custoomer need to pay the money on demand by the banks where as term loans means long term loans customer had to submit some property documents to get the laons

M3:tell me example for demand loans?
me: told that banks are taking loans from RBI (he is not satisfied with my answer)
then sir had given chance to other panel member M4

M4:EMI ante yenti ? (what is mean by emi) asked question in telugu
me:sir naku exact abbrevation gurturavlatedu ani every month ani chepa (sir, i dont remmber the exact abbrevation and told only every month)

M4:no problem tell the meaning
me:sir when ever we buy any product we can pay money for every month in installments i said

M4: what is mean by PIN ?
me: personal identification number
Then M5 sir taken the interview 

M5:how many languages are there in 500 rupees note ?
me: Thought a while and told 16 and said no 18 sir
then again head of the panel again taken the interview

M1:what is mean by financial inclusion?
me:i explained about it and told example regarding PMJDY
he is satisfied with the answer 

M1:what is mean bussiness correspondant
me: exlaining the answer and sir told stop u know the answer 

M1:have u ever done sharing means shares ?
me: no sir i never done 

M1:what is mean by core banking ?
me: sir abnks stores all data and transactions through core banking sir
M1:where did they store?
me: Thought for a while and said RBI
they where shocked and asked RBI ?
me:sorry sir i have no idea where they store 
M1:i wont let you go until u tell me the answer for this
me:i thought and said in banks they use finacle 11 software to store data sir
M1: where this software is installed
me: in every system sir
M1: you know the answer but you are confused okay ALL THE BEST 

me: said thanks to sir first and said thanks to mam and left

and to my surprise the entire interview was done only 9 minutes it was fast like rapid fire round but it was cool and friendly interview. Wish i get PO this time :)

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  1. No ug ah only pg graduates

  2. is there any need of the online appliction form of the po

    or the e challan print

  3. You should carry your Online Applicaiton form

  4. Thank you so much Vijay. Very useful

  5. wat if i dont have it then

  6. it was really nice..all d best :)

  7. its necessary..u can reprint is activated..

  8. you can open h

  9. pls send me the link please

  10. i dont have O.D...any problem?

  11. @ Sumit

    all the best

  12. you need your online application no need for challan

  13. Thanks a lot :)

  14. R u they accepting new obc

  15. R they allowing new obc certificates

  16. open. U can see there

  17. new in the sense they said in ibps website they had posted whihc caste will comes under obc and they got that list and they are following it strictly today in my batch also 1 girl was sent away even though she got obc certificate her caste was not there in the list

  18. that "...thinked..." part makes me remind to Santa Banta joke...
    ".....I thought, thought, and again thought and then wrote thinked...." was a good interview.


  20. yeah kind of like that only but that is joke this is life simple difference

  21. Hope for d best fnd

  22. I have same format issued on nov 2014 is it valid

  23. I have same format issued on jov 2014 is it valid

  24. I have the same format issue on nov is it valid

  25. Is UG candidates qualified for exam?? or not??

  26. ug completed people are qualified to apply tis post


  28. I don't think so. they have mentioned PG that too only certain selected streams in PG.


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