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January 21, 2015

Today's (21st January 2015) IBPS PO IV Interivew Experience


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Hello Everyone .. Just few hours ago i have completed my interview .. so I'm here to share my experience which might be useful for other candidates .

Name : Bhanu Kiran

Interview Venue : SV University , Tirupathi

Date : 21-01-2015

Time : 8:30AM . Panel -2  

My preparation for interview :
I believe no matter how much you prepared for your interview and how many books did you referred , the questions that you are going to face in your interview is always out of your preparation. So I prepare few commonly asked questions like tell me something about yourself, why banking ?, why should we hire you ? etc ….

And I have prepared banking from the interview material that was provided by our institute and various websites.

The verification of certificates has started by 8:30 sharply. Make sure that you have all the certificates that they mentioned in your Interview call letter .

I'm the 22nd member in my panel . so my verification completed by around 10:30AM .

I called up for Interview at around 12:30 . I'm 2014 passed out in ECE stream . I'm not so good with my Technical subjects . And whatever the little subject that i have had in my mind also got evaporated in these 6 months . So ,before i went in i wish for myself that they won't pose any technical questions related to my core subjects .

I opened the door and seek for the permission to come in . The panel consists of 5 members ( 4 - Male , 1 - Female ) . I wish them and they offered me the HOT SEAT .

Few people asked the questions in Telugu (my local language ) and few of them asked in English . So I answered accordingly .

M1(who is leading the interview ) : After some casual questions he asked “what are your strengths and weaknesses ?? “
(Though I prepared for this question I wasn’t answered it up to my mark )
Me : answered . For weakness I said that my Handwriting was not so good ( I don’t know if it would have any negative impact but I said it without any hesitation )

Now M1 give the chance for the Lady to ask .

Lady : what is microprocessor ??
( I had lost my mind after listening to this .)
Me : Answered whatever the little I remembered at that time
Lady : what is the difference b/w Microprocessor and Microcontroller ??
Me : Answered .
Lady : Can you give few examples where we used microcontrollers ??
Me : Watch .
(she is silent seems she is waiting for few more examples from me . But I can’t able to recall at that time )
Lady : can you name what are the programming languages used in microcontrollers ?
Me : sorry mam I can’t able to remember right now .
Lady : what we use in washing machines , lifts .Microprocessors or Micro controllers ??
Me : Micro controllers .
Lady : Micro controllers ??? Micro processors and Micro controllers ??
(she was testing my stand on my Answer )
Me : Yes , Mam microcontrollers .
(seems she was satisfied now and she finished her turn). ( Huge relief for me )

M1 to M5 : do you want to ask any questions ??
M5 : no sir .

So now M1 handed over the Gun to M2 .
M2 : have you ever heard about shares ,bonds etc.. ??
Me : yes sir .
M2: what is the difference between Shares and Debentures ??
(though I prepared I can’t recall the ans at that time. so I started talking about shares . he interrupted and said “ I was asking about the difference “ . I realise instead of digging my own grave by answering something which might be wrong . I said)
Me : Sorry sir . I don’t know the difference .
M2 : Do you know The Functions of RBI ?
Me : Answered (But I missed to mention 2 functions ) .
M2 : what is SLR ??
Me : Answered .( Actually I said 22% of banks capital . M2 : 22% of banks capital ?? Me : sorry sir 22% of deposits . And continued my answer ).

Now its M1 turn again .
M1 : What is SLR ??
( I felt he intentionally asked this question . Because I mentioned that I’m patient in my strengths ).
Me : I answered the same thing Again .
M1: What is CRR ??
Me : Answered .

M4: If I have the deposits of 1000cr rupees how much can I lend to borrowers ??
(i was doing some calculations in my mind . Meanwhile M2 is laughing )
Me: upto 740crs .

Now M1 again .
M1: What is Base Rate ??
Me : Answered .
M1:Ok. Mr. Bhanu kiran .All the Best . you can leave now .
Me : Thank you sir . Have a nice day for you all .

All the panel members were friendly .

Finally I had done my part and I feel that I didn’t answered few questions upto my potential and have to see the result . I don’t know that if I got selected for this post or not but I have got enough experience to deal with my IBPS clerks interview .

All the Best for the remaining Aspirants who were going to face the Interview

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  1. Thank you Bhanu sir.. Chala baga describe chesaru. Chala useful

  2. kisi ne PO interview dia h jo obc se belong krta ho ..plz tell

  3. mujhe ye pta krna h ki jo date mention h obc certificate ki wahi chahiye unhe ya 2015 ka chalega...for clerk intrvw

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    Guys, I have one problem. Kindly help.
    I am selected for IBPS Clerks IV interview process. But I come to know that at th time of document verification they want Central government caste certificate. Is it so? How can I get it? I have maharashtra gov caste certificate and non creamy layer certificate.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. 1-9-2014 se pehle ka...

  6. Pehle ka nahi onwards 1-9-2014 se ab tak rehna 2015 ka chaltha

  7. nai notification m yahi h

  8. well what is that 1000 crore rupee question and that answer...?

  9. Yes ur right but last year ibps clerk interview me 2014 ka legaya tha they allowed me kuch nai huva

  10. SLR is 22% of NDTL (net demand & time liability)

  11. which institute in tirupathi , did you took coaching, as iam planning to join coaching..

  12. same panel members for me too bro techincal by mam and banking by rest of the sirs


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