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January 27, 2015

Today's (27th January 2015) IBPS PO IV Interview Experience


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Hi friends, I am Pranay Bhattacharya. I would like to share my interview experience with all of you. Hope it helps.

Name : Pranay Bhattacharya 

Interview Date : 27th January 2015

Interview Venue :  Grand JBR, Lucknow

Timing : 8:00 AM

Panel : IV

The entry was made by 8:20 am and after that documents verification started. My name was first in the list of panel IV so my  documents were verified first and i was the  first person to be called for interview also.

My interview started around 8:45 am. There were five persons M1,M2,M3,M4,F1.

I entered and wished F1 first and then said " Good Morning Sirs" to rest of the males.

The arrangement was from left F1,M1,M2(MIDDLE),M3,M4.M2 seems to be the main person.

Ques. 1 (M3) Your B.Tech was completed in 2008.Were you working right now.
Ans: Yes sir, I am working as an Assistant Professor in ****college in computer science dept. right now.

Ques.2 (M3 AGAIN)GOOD.Tell me why you want to join the banking sector.
Ans: Sir, there are many reasons. Like, first of all it is the fastest growing field in the country with the prospect of becoming
     3rd largest by 2025. Secondly, banks provide gud job satis...........interrupted

Ques. 3 (M4) Don't tell us this crap....we know the other resons also which now you are going to say. How you being a CS engineer going  to be useful to banking.
Ans : Sir, according to me in todays world, banks and IT are not divergent feilds.With the growth of ICT, banking domain is embedded with
latest technologies related to computers like M-Banking, E-banking, ATM's,Bitcoins.So, being an CS......(again interrupted)

Ques.4 (M3) yaar tum waale sab ek jaise ho. Kaun si coaching ne ye answers ratwaye hain.
Ans: Sir, i have not joined any coaching. I prepared Myself.

Ques.5(M2) Tell me something about inflation.
Ans: Sir, Inflation is the condition is economy when the demand is more and supply is less. The purchasing power increases but the value of money......interrupted

Ques.6 (M3) How will you control it.
Ans: Sir, Direct tools like CRR and SLR. CRR needs to be increased to suck the liquidity from the mar.......interrupted

Ques.7 (M2) Suppose you are made the manager of a rural bank. The persons there are not aware about banking services. How will  you promote banking there.
Ans: Sir, accroding to me, before promoting banking, I would provide them financial literacy so that they are not fooled and invest in the right options according to their needs and demands. What happens is that most of the time they are influenced by jamindars who are money minded for themselves. We need to tell them what is right and what is wrong by providing them literacy
     After they are literate, i would tell them about banking products and acheive financial inclusion with PMJDY.

Ques.8 (M3) You arrived here yesterday or today morning.
Ans.Yesterday sir

Ques.9 (M3) Have you heard news on TV.
Ans.9 Not on news sir, as i was travelling. But have read yesterdays news in my mobile.

Ques.10 (M3) tell me about what modi said about agriculture(one liner).
Ans. Sorry sir, civil-nuclear deal was finalised....

Ques.11 (M2 inerrupted)......only tell what is asked. Have you heard about that line
Ans: Sorry Sir

Then they all looked at one another. F1 didn't say anything. Then M3 said, you may go now.

I wished all of them and took my leave..

Interview was very interrupting. I was not able to complete my answers. They interrupted most of the times and looked angry on me. I wanted to tell many things but couldn't................

What will you say about this....please do comment..........  have i performed satisfactory.......

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  1. they were just checking your patience.. over all performance is good bro..wish u luck

  2. Waiting for whole detail on Obama visit to India
    Msg to gr8ambitionzzzz

  3. what is kitty you mean??

  4. The interuption might be test u..they test ur patience may be........

  5. Congrats Pranay. U have answered well.. Dont loss hope. May be, u r a first interviewee. So that they were checking ur patience.

  6. frnds ..,
    karnataka clerks interview results out..

  7. Regulagedda SivakumarJanuary 27, 2015 at 7:53 PM

    u did well.hope for the best...

  8. I have entered my year of pass as APRIL 2013 instead of MAY 2013 . Will it be a problem? Can anyone plz suggest me what to do?plz help me......

  9. dey interupt u cos u knw answers why to waste time like that .

  10. Congratulations. Well done. where was ur venue in bhopal?

  11. Sorry mate, but according to me you have less chances. It all depends on ur written marks now. Anyways all the best.

  12. Daniel.....can you tell me please where i have gone i won't repeat that mistake again........hope you'll help..thnx

  13. any idea regarding vacancies for po4

  14. Wen vl niacl clerks results vl come. Plz tel me

  15. i hav entered date as 25 instead of 20 in date of passing is there any pblm???

  16. this is good interview,they checked ur patience...finally u did mistake in agriculture ques..all d best..

  17. yes u have to be satisfied. they know you knows all the ans so they interrupt you.. best of luck brother... thakns for shareing

  18. almost same intervw(Agra)..lot of interruption..i even cudnt manage to tell the types of loans ,PLR,MSME details..questnd on republic day theme..why not software>>completely grilled..very disappointed..!!

  19. during inflation, purchasing power decreases.
    but u had told "it increases".

    I see this one as negative.

  20. siva. do u know that 1 line Modi said abt agriculture

  21. Thanks.......i missed that

  22. Nope...they check for the year...

  23. and also iam belong to hindu religion...under minority community wrongly i put yes...but in religion i typed as this make any issue??

  24. If you have the minority community certificate then you can produce them during your verification....I suppose you do get Hindu minority certificate....and even if you don' would not make a big selection is not based on minority unless you are from SC/ST/OBC.

  25. ya..all d certificates are in hindu and i hav obc certificate too..thank for ur reply


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