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January 27, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience shared by Tanmay (Bhopal)

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Name :- Tanmay

Qualification :- B.Tech (ECE)

Date :- 25/01/2015

Venue :- Bhopal

Time :- 16:05

Duration :- 9 Mins

Panel consisted of 4M + 1F & F was HR..

Wished gud evng mam and gud evng sirs... they said gud evng sit down... i said thank u..

As i sat down all started discussing about why could i have done engineering and now i have to come in bank (ab aana hai toh aana hai bank mein) although they didn't ask me anything

I wore my cllg sweater so for 5 mins discussion went on about various degrees and foreign tie up of my cllg..
Mostly questions were asked from the panel head.

Q1 What is is chit fund and give the most popular example coming in the news??
Answered about sharda chit fund scam
Q2 Have u heard about kitty??
Yes sir
they started discussing and said ok
Q3 what is tambola??
Answered it is a game popularly known as housie and then explained about it
Q4 is it a type of gambling??
Answered No sir i don't think so
Q5 What is SHG??(Asked by mam)
Answered self help group it is common in rural areas where 10-20 individual form a group with their savings and then lend it to others SHG mainly comprises of women group on which Head said so only women can form I said no sir both can form but 90% cases women are the active participants.
Q6 What are your hobbies??
As i was about to answer another sir asked
Q7 Movies dekhte ho(Do u watch movies)??
I said yes sir hollywood and bollywood both
He said Hollywood (with a shocked expression :P)
Q8 Which muvie has crossed 1000 weeks in cinemas(asked in hindi)??
Answered DDLJ
Q9 what happened on 26 jan??
Answered Republic day is celebrated in india sir
Q10 why do we invite president of other nations. what do we want to show to the world??
Answered Unable to recall sir He said constitution se related tha i said sir constitution was drafted by dr b r ambedkar he was the head of the committee and constitution had been made from different countries constitutions and some extensive thinking..
Q11 what does ur father do 

Head said  you can go now
As i got up and picked my folder Head asked puri india kahin bhi kaam kar loge
I replied gladly sir.

Then thanked all d panel members and as i reached the gate Head said you are luking very smart :D :D... I said thank you sirs and thank you mam and finally came out of the room :) :D

I would take a moment to thank whoever is behind this gr8ambitionz team. It is because of the study material and the last days booklet provided by this team my ibps po4 had been successful...Keep up the excellent work team :D ;)

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